Julia Quick Acupuncture

Julia Quick
Acupuncturist in London

I am a member of the British Acupuncture Council, the UK 's main regulatory body for the practice of traditional acupuncture, and a Certified Zero Balancer. I have been working as an acupuncturist / therapist for over 20 years.

It was my own experience of having acupuncture treatment that inspired me to study it, as during my treatment a recurrent physical problem I'd had for years disappeared and emotionally I felt able to move on to a new beginning. My first career was as a dancer and I was looking for inspiration as to where to go next.

With acupuncture I discovered a discipline which combines love of nature with great insight into the complexity of human behaviour and experience. A combination of the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of health seemed to be touched. This made such sense to me.

Meditation: Helps still the mind and opens a space for change. I attend a minimum of one Buddhist Retreat each year finding that these intense periods of practice nourish me profoundly.
Zero Balancing - a gentle body work that releases tension and leaves you feeling very centered, grounded and "balanced" - more able to integrate changes in your life. Have a look at this video by Fritz Smith the inventor of ZeeBee for great explanation.
Psychology: Object Relations & Internal Family Systems Therapy: which have given me an understanding of how we are often stuck with outmoded patterns of behaviour and thinking and given me insight into ways of addressing these blocks.
Nutrition : Simple dietary changes can make a huge difference to our energy flow and well being.

Background & Acupuncture Qualifications

My first training was as a dancer - another life now but gave me an instinctive relation to the body and a deep interest in nature so changing paths led me to study

Licentiate of Acupuncture from the College of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture - then Leamington Space - 5 Elements Style 1990

Combining 8 Principle Traditional Chinese Medicine principles with 5 element Acupuncture - TCM for 5 Element practitioners 1996
ver these years I studied Zero Balancing and have always practiced it alongside sometimes in conjunction with acupuncture but mostly as a stand alone therapy.

Japanese Acupuncture is my recent and ongoing study. Against the background of the above. I am particularly impressed by the gentleness and efficacy of the treatment.

My Specialisms

One of my fascinations with Acupuncture is that it can be amazingly effective in all kinds of ill health. Sometimes - often I am shocked in such a good way - for this reason I hesitate to speak of Specialism.

Due to various factors in society today I have treated a good deal of Fertility Issues from period difficulties physically or mood through to Menopausal symptoms as well as supported may women through IVF or in becoming pregnant naturally. Then treating the problems of pregnancy - morning sickness/anxiety etc.

Musculoskeletal problems are also often well treated as are emotional issues.

Approach to Acupuncture & How I Work

Acupuncture is an Holistic therapy i.e. it treats the whole and not just symptoms is what keeps me working in this modality.

I use all my skills to help individuals live freer and healthier lives - encouraging lifestyle changes if necessary and supporting energy to cope with these changes.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Acupuncture In Person £55 per 60 minutes
Zero Balancing In Person Please Call

Additional Rate Information

Initial consultation is normally a double length appointment the Charge of £80 reflects this. I offer a sliding scale - lower prices for those who need - please enquire. A course of treatment Initial Consultation (includes Treatment) plus 5 further treatments will get you back on the road.- a 20% reduction on the total if paid up front. Treatments to be taken within 3 months.