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Neemisha Naugah

You have been the good child throughout your life. Always obedient, kind, quiet, pleasing, tidy and smiling. As a child, others have complimented you about your good behaviour. But now as an adult, you feel exhausted, burnout, lost, worthless, small, depressed, anxious, confused and invisible. You don't know what you want and cannot make decisions for... [read more]

Neemisha Naugah

Inner child healing is a holistic approach that focuses on addressing and resolving unresolved childhood issues and traumas. The concept is rooted in the idea that our early experiences and relationships significantly shape our emotional well-being, behaviours, and beliefs throughout our lives. Here are some reasons why inner child healing is considered important: 1. **Understanding Patterns and... [read more]

Judy Bartkowiak

There's a great exercise I do that kids really love and you can replicate this yourself, have a go! Type a list of all the wierd and wonderful and mad things your children say about key aspects of their life. Here are some of the ones I use Homework is boring My mum doesn't understand me My teacher picks on... [read more]

Judy Bartkowiak

I discovered Emotional Freedom Technique after many years of only using NLP in my kids and teens coaching practice. It has hugely benefited my clients. Why? Does your child say 'I don't know' when you ask them why they feel angry, anxious, upset, confused? Perhaps what's behind their emotion is not conscious or logical? Tapping works on... [read more]

Octavian Petrescu

Introduction: For more than a decade, I have intimately grappled with chronic pain, a relentless companion that has shaped the contours of my daily existence. This journey has gifted me not only with a profound understanding of the complexities of chronic pain but also with firsthand insight into the sheer challenge of living with it. Chronic pain,... [read more]

Cristina Popovici

I believe the topic of Ancestral healing and Past Lives is extremely important when it comes to deep healing, though it is a bit controversial or unorthodox for some people. In this article, I will explain the importance and the process of Ancentral healing and Past Life healing in therapy and how you can benefit from... [read more]

Matt Valentine-Chase

It's Time. Feeling lost? Alone? Or do you just get that sense that something isn't quite right? Prepare for woo woo.... There is a difference between how we feel individually, and what we are picking up from the group consciousness. Sometimes there is a resonance between the two: obvious, say, if we feel stressed about money and there... [read more]

Gail Lucas-Brumby

Plaid skirts have enjoyed a longstanding presence as a cornerstone of women's fashion, fusing a classic pattern with a timeless silhouette. Their ubiquity spans from school uniforms to high fashion runways, illustrating their remarkable adaptability to shifting trends while preserving their inherent and enduring charm. This article embarks on a journey to uncover the abiding appeal... [read more]

Daisy White

When it comes to fashion that exudes timeless elegance and heritage, few garments can match the appeal of kilts. Kilts have a rich history rooted in Scottish tradition, but they have evolved into a versatile and fashionable choice for men around the world. If you're looking to make a stylish statement and embrace the sophistication of... [read more]

Daisy White

Step into the realm of timeless fashion with a contemporary edge as we unravel the allure of Denim Kilts—a fusion of classic charm and modern flair. The iconic Denim Kilt has emerged as a symbol of versatility, transcending traditional styles to offer a bold and distinctive alternative. In this exploration of fashion evolution, we delve into... [read more]