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Christie Rourke

Shin Splints a brief overview

Posted by Christie Rourke 2021 Days Ago

SHIN SPLINTS This is an umbrella term for pain/injury in the shin area. There are three causes for this, and each will present differently. The muscle down the front of the shin is called the Tibialis Anterior. This muscle is responsible for lifting (dorsiflexing) the foot at the ankle, allowing it to swing through before it plants during... [read more]

Maureen Anderson-Smith

Back Pain Lower back pain… shoulder pain… slipped disc … herniated disc … arthritis in the back ….tense …knots ….post injury… rehabilitation…     I have many clients who come in to see me with various problems that relate to the back that can cause discomfort, restless nights, difficulty in sleeping, sitting walking.   Is back pain  a modern epidemic?   Many of us... [read more]

Christie Rourke

Without breath and movement we would not survive. We cannot live without oxygen and it is used for repair, recovery, pain reduction, and all living cells! Without movement we cannot fetch food/water and would therefore also perish! If our hip flexors don't work we cannot move...just try standing on the spot and moving from that spot... [read more]

Christie Rourke

Muscle Activation, My Story

Posted by Christie Rourke 3126 Days Ago

Level One I went on the Be Activated level one course back in November 2012. I cannot even begin to explain how it changed my life for the better. My personal life, my realisations and life lessons, as well as the way I approach my business (which at the time I was just opening my own clinic... [read more]