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Judy Bartkowiak

I discovered Emotional Freedom Technique after many years of only using NLP in my kids and teens coaching practice. It has hugely benefited my clients. Why? Does your child say 'I don't know' when you ask them why they feel angry, anxious, upset, confused? Perhaps what's behind their emotion is not conscious or logical? Tapping works on... [read more]

Karen Lucia

Can EFT really benefit our health?

Posted by Karen Lucia 1155 Days Ago

  EFT - also known as Tapping - is a healing technique that can be used to help clear emotional wounds and has been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety and promoting a more positive outlook. Tapping is best learned with the support of a professional EFT practitioner, who will walk you through the steps and offer... [read more]

Cynthia Rao

I was watching the TV earlier this week and a professor being interviewed made reference to the phrase, Coronaphobia. He himself said that he had just made the word up. But I think he realised, as I did that he was onto something. I have been concerned since the start of lockdown about vulnerable women in particular,... [read more]

Diane Oxborough

Anxiety, Panic & Claustrophobia: Case Study, Alison

Posted by Diane Oxborough 2460 Days Ago

Alison - A bright 30-something in a happy relationship, gorgeous kids, nice house, and a successful career.  When she told her employer how much stress she was experiencing, and the impact it was having on her performance, they referred her to me Alison was clearly experiencing severe anxiety, and also had claustrophobia.  When faced with the triggers... [read more]

Guido Terzaghi

How Energy Psychology works

Posted by Guido Terzaghi 3017 Days Ago

A Basic Hypothesis EFT The implications of these findings for working with psychological issues are enormous. Here is a preliminary explanation for the near-instant, lasting results seen in the snake-phobia case reported in the Introduction and the PTSD cases reported earlier in this chapter. First, the following is an outline of the known biological sequence that is involved... [read more]

Kathryn Pearson

Fear Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of the dark, dogs, flying, falling, spiders, fear of looking stupid, being made fun of, being left out, missing out, dying, shining, living, loving, happiness, getting your happily ever after and then not being happy.... Fear. Fear. Fear.  It creates stagnancy. Stuck-ness. It paralyses. It freezes. It stops us statue-still in our... [read more]

Debbie Winstanley

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also known as “Tapping”, is a form of energy psychology. It can be described as Acupuncture without needles – therefore is non-invasive. Our bodies are made up of energy pathways (meridians), much like the nervous system. These pathways channel information throughout the physical body. There needs to be a clear and even flow... [read more]

Kathryn Pearson

"But if I'm not stressed, it means I don't care" So it seems stress is beginning to be a normal part of daily life for almost everyone, including our teens and children. Stress, worry, anxiety and fears all seem to be 'the norm', and the belief that if you're not stressed, then you don’t care, or success... [read more]

Joelle  Amouroux-Huttner

Harassment and EFT

Posted by Joelle Amouroux-Huttner 3189 Days Ago

Harassment is such a difficult subject to touch upon and harassment in the work place is no different. I have been working with a client who was successful and talented, but who was not as confident as she needed to be, considering where she was at in her career. We had been working together for a couple... [read more]