Judy Bartkowiak

How can Emotional Freedom Technique help my child or teen?

Posted by Judy Bartkowiak Reiki Practitioner 105 Days Ago

I discovered Emotional Freedom Technique after many years of only using NLP in my kids and teens coaching practice. It has hugely benefited my clients. Why?

Does your child say 'I don't know' when you ask them why they feel angry, anxious, upset, confused? Perhaps what's behind their emotion is not conscious or logical? Tapping works on these 'disruptions' in the body's energy flow and like magic, it gets rid of it, restoring them to a place of calm and clarity. 

You don't want to be taking your child to a therapist or counsellor every week. It's expensive, inconvenient and doesn't equip them to tackle their problems for themselves. It can lead to switching from them being dependent on you, to them becoming dependent on a therapist. Tapping is something they can learn for themselves. You can learn it and teach them. It's very easy. There are many videos on youtube and I have a youtube channel myself. There will be times when they do need some extra help but for keeping on top of their anger or anxiety, low moods etc, some basic tapping skills will really make a difference. 

As you tap, you breathe intentionally, you think about that thing that's bothering you and tap on the energy points in the body or the hands. As you do this, your feelings calm down. You don't even need to name them, you can just tap on "I feel mad", "I feel sad" or 'my feelings".  

You can tap for them (surrogate tapping) to support them trying to get to sleep, or going into school on a difficult day, or test time. You can tap with them (borrowing the benefits) and you can tap when you don't know what they're feeling. It's such a flexible tool for families to learn so they can support each other and for teachers to introduce at school. 

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