Useful sex therapy articles

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Matt Valentine-Chase

‘I’ve seen EIGHT therapists before you! You’ve got my situation in five minutes, they didn’t get it in months or years’ is a common response whenever I start working with sex workers. I’m a therapist. People come to see me for many reasons, it could be anxiety, depression, mid-life crises or career development. Some clients just... [read more]

Graham Stevenson

Why is Sex so Important?  Sex is so important because affects us deeply in our bodies, influences our emotions, affects our relationships and can expand our spirituality. Let’s look at some aspects of the biology of sex. Everyone came into being because two people had sex - our biological mother and father.  Sex is hardwired in our brains and without... [read more]

Eva  Nogales

By Eva Nogales, Psychologist and Sex Therapist Can you love two or more people at the same time? Nearly all of us have wondered this at some point in our lives. Usually, when one of the members of a couple falls in love with another person, which happens many times, this brings on tremendous feelings of guilt,... [read more]

Silva Neves

No more Sex. Where is Eros? How to rekindle passion and sexual desire It is very common for long term monogamous couples to find themselves in a sexless relationship. It is one of the most common reasons couples seek therapy. Often, I hear couples say that they love each other. Everything in their lives is good. They... [read more]