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Julia Seymour

How to change your beliefs with Psych-K

Posted by Julia Seymour 732 Days Ago

Affirmations said with meaning and confidence can work wonders to change your beliefs and mindset and bring about beneficial changes in your life, but interestingly, they don’t work for everyone. Why is that? When I first started trying affirmations I loved the idea of them, I loved the thought of shifting my mindset to think of and... [read more]

Kathy Yvanovich

Psych-K is a user-friendly way to rewrite the software of your mind and change the printout of your life! Have you ever wondered why your life doesn't always reflect the wisdom you possess?  Popularly characterized as a kind of spiritual process with psychological benefits, Psych-K is the result of a series of intuitive leaps of consciousness, generated by... [read more]

Sean Attwood

Old Patterns That Creep Up on You

Posted by Sean Attwood 1467 Days Ago

I was reminded today of something extremely important and wanted to share it with you: I was reminded that I need to watch my thoughts and feelings over the course of the day, every day, to examine where they’re coming from and what they’re telling me my priorities of thought are.   I was reminded of this today... [read more]

Sean Attwood

What is the Subconscious and Why it Matters to You

Posted by Sean Attwood 1476 Days Ago

What is the subconscious and why does it matter? A little behind in the times, I was going to write an incredibly uplifting, you-can-do-it New Years post.  Then I stopped because I realised that there are probably more of those posts (and better written) that I could share instead. What I haven’t written about and what... [read more]

Sean Attwood

What are Trapped Emotions and Why You Want to Release Them

Posted by Sean Attwood 1476 Days Ago

Life is full of positive and negative emotional experiences.  From the time we were born, and even before then, our beings experienced emotions and the energies and chemical/hormonal responses they produced. As babies and small children, we usually process the emotion completely, even the negative ones like anger, anxiety, or guilt by crying, screaming or... [read more]