Old Patterns That Creep Up on You

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Sean Attwood

Old Patterns That Creep Up on You

Posted by Sean Attwood 909 Days Ago

I was reminded today of something extremely important and wanted to share it with you: I was reminded that I need to watch my thoughts and feelings over the course of the day, every day, to examine where they’re coming from and what they’re telling me my priorities of thought are.


I was reminded of this today because I had reverted back to an old pattern, an old me, something which I had actually never balanced or released on in my journey to where I am now.


Instead of focussing on the amazing projects that I’m currently working on, including this practice, I began to focus on issues from the past and people and relationships from that time.  The past issues hadn’t been settled and so it seemed important to force that issue now.

What I had forgotten though was that I have no influence on those past issues!  Having changed direction and creating a new and exciting direction in my life, I found myself entering into an old mindset of seeking to fix what isn’t mine to fix. 


Right, so here we go.


What do I mean by old programmes?  As I’ll expand on in another post, the subconscious mind is like the CPU in a computer, it just runs the programmes (reactions/responses).  So when it sees a situation that looks familiar, it reacts automatically, oftentimes in a way that we consciously wish it wouldn’t, if, and this is a BIG IF, we even notice it’s happening.


What I described above may still be continuing if it wasn’t for the fact that someone I trust completely pointed out what she was seeing. I didn’t even know it was happening!


What I did know and didn’t recognize is the same thing that you should look out for as well: 


  1. I was attempted to create in several different areas, but I was making little to no progress.

  2. I focus was flitting from goal to goal, but handling the issues from the past had an increasing amount of my attention

  3. And this is a huge one for me personally: I felt like there wasn’t enough time to work on my priority goals because others kept me too busy to sit and focus.


Any of these are gigantic red flags to stop and look at your thoughts and your emotions.  Assess what’s going on and think about these two things:


  1. Does this always happen?  Is it a repeating pattern that you can point to in your life? When else did this behavior/response/reaction happen?

  2. Now that you’ve noticed the pattern, how do you feel?  Is the feeling familiar? Where or when have you felt it before? Is there a person associated with the feeling?


Getting these two points down on paper is a massive step to altering the behavior, even if you can’t find exact answers taking a few minutes to examine yourself in this way will begin a process of change and release. Well done!


I’ll be posting links to different references and resources in the blog as I go along, so please keep checking back as there may be something there that speaks to you specifically.


If you want to take this process further you can also book a private session with me, either by Skype (international as well) or in person at The Refinery E9, or Belsize Health NW3.


Thanks for reading!