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Tabitha Gale

Reasons why sensitives and empaths are prone to suffer burn out Tend to be conscientious and prone to go into perfectionist mode, doing too much. As perfectionists they never live up to their own high standards (or so they believe). They do too much for others and not enough for themselves Need alone time to assimilate and recuperate, ready to... [read more]

Antonia Antonia Beamish

What is Systematic Kinesiology and how can it help you?

Posted by Antonia Antonia Beamish 1183 Days Ago

Most people I come across have never heard of Kinesiology. In a nutshell, Kinesiology is a complementary therapy that works with the physical, emotional and energetic body to uncover the root cause of your symptoms and facilitate healing. Kinesiology changed my life and I continue to see wonderful results with the clients I work with. For this... [read more]

Marzia Caldirola

Depression as a symptom. Find and address the root cause.

Posted by Marzia Caldirola 1519 Days Ago

Stress, anxiety and depression are on the increase. In England more and more people report experiencing a common mental health problem (such as anxiety and depression) in any given week. While most people prefer to resort to conventional medicine for alleviating symptoms of stress and anxiety, there are many who choose to take the less trodden path... [read more]

Marzia Caldirola

Lower back pain and kinesiology

Posted by Marzia Caldirola 1519 Days Ago

Low back pain is a common disorder, affecting around one-third of the UK adult population each year. It is mostly looked at as a structural only problem and treated with bones and muscles manipulation techniques. What is the root cause of back pain? Systematic Kinesiology looks at lower back pain in a holistic way, checking for the structural,... [read more]

Marzia Caldirola

Stomach acid: too much or too little.

Posted by Marzia Caldirola 1519 Days Ago

Most people attributes their digestive troubles or hormone imbalances to high stomach acid. Low stomach acid is rarely considered to be an issue and antacids are available to buy off the shelves for any type of digestive related complains. The reality is that symptoms of low stomach acid are often confused with those of high stomach... [read more]

Tabitha Gale

Once we are caught up in the stress cycle, it can be difficult to come back down. If we have been dealing with a stressful situation for some time, we learn to respond in certain ways both mentally/emotionally and physically. Some of the signs you might be stressed Feeling overwhelmed Hyper-vigilance (being over sensitive to triggers /anxious/ on edge) Feeling... [read more]

Sean Kulyk

Have you ever suffered from decreased libido without necessarily having a headache?  Then maybe it's actually just a symptom of Adrenal Fatigue, in which case this could be the article for you! Being stressed – just about one of the commonest words we use today to describe ourselves and how we feel. We tend to for the... [read more]

Fleur Brodie

Creative Kinesiology and Me

Posted by Fleur Brodie 3133 Days Ago

I first experienced Creative Kinesiology back in 2006, having received some excellent forms of treatment and therapy, attempting to self heal past events and experiences. I was blown away by the magic and mystery of working with the intelligence of my own Being/Body in such a profound and deep way, being able to access areas of emotional,... [read more]

Angela Abbott

Autumn is a time of harvest. When we think of the cycle of the seasons we reap the fruits after the high energy ommer and before the resting period of winter. It marks the time when the energy starts to turn more inwards, becoming more yin, as the days draw in and hours of daylight lessen. In... [read more]

Amanda Brooks

Emotions and Daily Life As we go through our lives we experience emotions on a daily basis, these emotions have an energy vibration that the body would naturally process whilst we sleep. Sometimes though the emotion is so strong and overwhelming that the body just cannot process it properly and this may result in the emotion becoming... [read more]