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Elayne Hibbert

Seated Acupressure & Therapeutic Massage

Posted by Elayne Hibbert 1835 Days Ago

On-Site or Seated Acupressure & Massage has become extremely popular and is suitable to take place at a host of venues and events, within the workplace and for individuals at home. The therapy is applied through the clothes and without oils which makes it especially appealing.  It is beneficial for upper and lower back, shoulders, neck,... [read more]

Claire Hooson

Oriental Face Massage. What is it and how will it help?

Posted by Claire Hooson 3247 Days Ago

Oriental face massage is different other forms of facial massage. Most other forms simply work the surface of the face to relax and refresh the tissue. Oriental face massage is a combination of traditional Japanese concepts and hand manipulation techniques. Anyone can benifit from a treatment of it from children, men, women and the elderly. The focus... [read more]

Ruth Eagin

Acupressure massage in the workplace

Posted by Ruth Eagin 3247 Days Ago

On-site seated acupressure massage takes minimal time out of the working day and brings immediate results, relaxing and energising your teams when they need a boost. This treatment is given through the clothes whilst seated in a comfortable, special ergonomically designed chair. It is a deep but relaxing and energising session and as well as being provided... [read more]

Aileen George

Internet Porn Addiction

Posted by Aileen George 3250 Days Ago

With the advent of high speed broadband and a thriving porn industry, a problem which affects many but is unrecognised and unreported is addiction to internet porn. The urge to have sex is driven by an old part of the human brain, along with other urges that relate to survival (such as eating). This part of... [read more]