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Seated Acupressure & Therapeutic Massage

Posted by Elayne Hibbert Over 1 Year Ago

On-Site or Seated Acupressure & Massage has become extremely popular and is suitable to take place at a host of venues and events, within the workplace and for individuals at home. The therapy is applied through the clothes and without oils which makes it especially appealing.  It is beneficial for upper and lower back, shoulders, neck, arms, and hands.  Although it can be relaxing it is primarily an energising massage which makes it a great treatment for the well-being of employees. 

Seated Acupressure originated from a traditional type of Japanese massage known as the ANMA. It was introduced to Japan approximately 1500 years ago from China and ANMA is Japanese literally meaning to “press and rub" or "massage".  The sequence of movements is quite fluid and is called the "KATA" and can appear similar like a dance. The Therapist using their hands to stimulate the energy points which are a long specific meridian or energy lines that are mapped out on the body.  It is thought that by Improving the flow of energy throughout the body that this is beneficial for the muscular, circulatory and nervous systems.   

It is the increase of Stress within the modern-day world and less times for relaxation and leisure why massage has gained increased interest.  It is the challenge of balancing work demands and home life ie family that can be problematic.  When our body is stressed we release the hormone adrenaline but if we release too much of this hormone then this can cause exhaustion. The term "fight" and "flight" is commonly used to describe this phenomenon.  Whereby if we are in danger then we require adrenaline to escape or to cope with fear or to get things done.  If the mind and body continue to function on this basis then illness can cause poor health and chronic stress can impact an individual's health and well-being.  In addition, have negative influence for equilibrium for their relationships, at home, work and socialising.  

Seated chair massage at work has grown because it is relaxing whilst at the same time rejuvenating.  The therapy is applied by the practitioner through the clothes and so no oils are necessary.  Generally, all that is required is a separate room or an area or space to set up.  The chair at events draws attention because of its unique urban look but once the client is seated it is extremely comfortable because their knees, chest, and arms are fully supported by cushioned pads.  The chair is at a 90-degree angle making the upper body easily accessible and to apply even or deeper pressure.  The practitioner will use hands and elbows to apply the techniques and massage.  There are various pressure points that especially can help to relieve common ailments for the digestive, insomnia. hay fever, headaches etc.  Plus, release points or gentle stretches for back, shoulder and neck discomfort.  The treatment can last 10, 15, 20, 30 or 40 minutes or longer which again makes it a desirable treatment for events/the workplace.    

Companies or Businesses who prioritise staff well-being have found that Seated Acupressure & Massage within the workplace reduces staff sickness and has a positive effect on the working environment.   

Benefits of Seated Acupressure: -   

·       Uplifting treatment for the Mind and Body   

·       Promotes Relaxation but is Invigorating at the same time   

·       Helps Ease Discomfort for Back, Shoulders and Neck   

·       Soothes Tensed Muscles   

·       Improves Mobility and Flexibility   

·       Aids Pain Management & RSI   

·       Relieves Anxiety and Stress   

·       Can Lower or Normalise the pulse count     

·       Increases Concentration and Mental Alertness   

·       Regular Massage can be beneficial for Injury Preventative and Maintenance   

·       Also, can help Headaches, Migraines, Toothache, Fatigue, Sinuses, Digestive, Eyestrain, Insomnia..   

Seated Acupressure and Massage is a quick convenient and makes you feel great!  

To Trial Seated Acupressure & Massage for minimum callout of three hours and longer.  There are hourly and day rates.  Please contact for more information Elayne on Mob: 07915 082 806 or e-mail: or via website contact page.