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Shirley Archibald

What is Colour Mirrrors?

Posted by Shirley Archibald 1911 Days Ago

About Colour Mirrors Colour mirrors was created by Melissie Jolly in South Africa in 2001. It is a colour therapy system centred around 90 oil bottles and 40 spritzer essence bottles.  Each oil bottle is split into two colours and has its own meaning and vibration. The bottles consist of organic avocado oil, water and natural... [read more]

J Lane

Colour Therapy

Posted by J Lane 3203 Days Ago

Not many of us realise the influence colour can have on your life?  We can use colour in many positive ways to naturally enhance our well-being.  Our body contains many chakras, these are spinning vortex's of energy, each chakra is linked to a colour and an emotion.  The main chakras and colours they resonate with are:- Root... [read more]