What is Colour Mirrrors?

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Shirley Archibald

What is Colour Mirrrors?

Posted by Shirley Archibald 880 Days Ago

About Colour Mirrors
Colour mirrors was created by Melissie Jolly in South Africa in 2001. It is a colour therapy system centred around 90 oil bottles and 40 spritzer essence bottles.  Each oil bottle is split into two colours and has its own meaning and vibration. The bottles consist of organic avocado oil, water and natural food dyes.  The top half (oil) relates to what we are consciously aware of and the bottom half (water) indicates patterns that lie in the subconscious. 

The spritzer essences also have their own unique vibration and message and are named after angels, dragons and the elements.  They are excellent for moving stuck emotional energy swiftly.

Colour Mirrors give us insights into our emotions, our health, our blocks, our potential and who we truly are. When we choose a bottle it reflects how we are feeling emotionally in that moment whilst accessing our subconscious patterns. It is like the colours are speaking to us directly.  Each colour in the spectrum has a meaning but the colour combinations of each bottle provide their own specific meanings too.

How the bottles are used
You can mediate with the bottles, bathe with them and have a one-to-one sessions with a Colour Mirrors practitioner.  A client will start with an issue, then choose a bottle to reflect that issue and investigate what it means to them.  Many people find that the bottles remind them of a memory which evokes strong positive or negative reactions to the colours. The client feels into these reactions and may decide to choose more bottles to offer support or perhaps decide that they don’t need a particular bottle once they have worked through some of the feelings associated with it.  People find that by placing one bottle beside another one they have a strong reaction that can create a sense of calm or provide a new way of looking at an old situation or emotional state.

Working with the bottles in this way can be an empowering process because you can manipulate them personally and clients often get their own answers whilst working with the bottles.  There are specific Chakra bottles and sessions can be performed by placing the bottles on a clients body to identify any blocks.  Colour Mirrors also works excellently in combination with EFT, (Emotional Freedom Technique) the scents and colours shifting energy more swiftly. As a caveat, I have to say that you really need to see the bottles to understand them properly.

What issues can Colour Mirrors be used for?
The bottles reflect how we are feeling and can be used for all kinds of issues.  Clients often report after a Colour Mirrors session that it brings clarity to difficult personal situations and problems, relationship issues, potential, purpose, self-belief and self-worth.  Clients also report that the bottles lead them to think about what they really want and need in their lives (their purpose) as opposed to what they consciously think they want. 

About Colour

Colour therapy has a long history that goes back to the Egyptians, who worshipped the sun and used colour for cures and ailments. Colour is light and energy. We are surrounded by colour and it subconsciously influences our every waking moment. It is evident in nature, to signal danger or to attract the opposite sex for example.  It is integral to our society, whether it be the use of road signs, traffic lights and brake lights to warn us of potential dangers or being used in advertising and big business to influence our actions.

Colour can influence us subconsciously, to eat, buy and act in certain ways.  Orange and red are colours that are known to stimulate our hunger, so when companies use these colours, they can influence our appetite and our desire to buy a product because the colour is speaking directly to our subconscious.
Whilst colour affects our minds, by entering through our eyes, it’s important to note that light can also enter through our skin. Given the unique frequencies and vibrations of various colours, people believe that certain colours entering the body can activate hormones causing chemical reactions within the body, then influencing emotion and enabling the body to heal.

When light waves bounce of different objects they create the sensation of colour.  This means that everything we see is reflected light.  Low frequency light waves register as the colour red and high frequency waves lengths are perceived as the colour violet.

Melissie Jolly says about the bottles ‘ Above all they are made with the highest intention.  Energy follows intention and the intention is for healing to happen in whichever way the soul is ready to receive it.’

Shirley Archibald

Article written by Shirley Archibald - Hove

I am an EFT/Matrix Reimprinting and Birth Reimprinting and colour mirrors practitioner and have been practising for 5 years. I run regular workshops incorporating Colour Mirrors and EFT.
I work with people with advancement blocks, who are stuck in their lives and enjoy helping people dissolve these blocks and move... [read more]

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