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Joan Colling

Craniosacral Therapy is a completely alternative treatment that has a gentle approach in soothing mind, body, and emotions. This therapy is non invasive and it does not seek to impose anything onto the client. It is client lead and the clients system dictates the level of treatment required. Craniosacral Therapy's gentle treatment has a hands on... [read more]

Maria Esposito Bsc (hons)

BY MARIA ESPOSITO The Fulcrum, Issue 82 January 2021 I find that the more I follow my intuition and connect to the heart, serving everything that makes my client whole and integrated, the faster they heal and in so doing transform their lives and mine. Having held CST workshops on how to deepen one’s practice for the past five years,... [read more]

Maria Esposito Bsc (hons)

I have done many courses, workshops in the past 26 years, as a holistic therapist. I have gone through the scientific pathway, with my Degree in Nutritional Therapy, and find myself with craniosacral therapy doing both scientific and spiritual healing. The last two mindfulness meditation and the Resilient Heart from the Heart Math method got me... [read more]

Maria Esposito Bsc (hons)

Importance of a baby crawling and connection with dyslexia Science is great in proving things that there was a possible theoretical point to start with. Years ago, when I was studying for my Nutritional degree, I saw some research regarding the connection between crawling or mainly not crawling and hand and eye coordination, that would affect the... [read more]

Jane Nunn

“You are more than you know” I remember someone who remains very dear to my heart, telling me this once. It immediately brought tears to my eyes for somehow, some part of me recognised a long buried truth in that. And perhaps, a 'long resisted' truth too. I believe it's true for everyone, that we are... [read more]

Maggie Godden

Craniosacral Therapy and how it can help

Posted by Maggie Godden 2806 Days Ago

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) helps the client to become more body aware, allowing a greater sense of connection between the mind and body. Our bodies hold our memories, traumas and experiences at a cellular level. Sometimes we can be held back by our past experiences and our bodies can still be holding on to these. CST can... [read more]

Cathryn Brooks

Resources and Overwhelm - in the cranial context

Posted by Cathryn Brooks 3087 Days Ago

Resources are essential to health and healing. Resources can be defined as anything that supports health. All healing occurs in relationship to the amount of resources that we can bring to bear in a given situation and, as we begin to connect with a client as therapists, our first priority is often to establish someone’s ability... [read more]

Dorothea Leber

Earth energy healing In winter the Earth's life (part of that is expressed in plant and growth, just think about e.g.root vegetables which are sweet and more tasty in winter) draws inside the Earth, and for me, who works as a biodynamic gardener with the growth and as an Earth Energy Healer with the inside, it happens... [read more]