Maria Esposito Bsc (hons)

The healing of the heart is the key to heal yourself, your children and the world around you

Posted by Maria Esposito Bsc (hons) Nutritional Therapist 51 Days Ago

I have done many courses, workshops in the past 26 years, as a holistic therapist. I have gone through the scientific pathway, with my Degree in Nutritional Therapy, and find myself with craniosacral therapy doing both scientific and spiritual healing. The last two mindfulness meditation and the Resilient Heart from the Heart Math method got me into understanding that no matter how you look at it, the HEART is the centre of the human being wellbeing.

From the scientific point the heart will settle the brain, when it is too busy looking at too many things that do not matter anymore or is overwhelmed with worries that have been created by a longstanding life, and the society that you grow up with, as well as Global worries and fears. The internet has been a great way to connect very quickly to each other, and also the withdraw from each other and our own face to face communication. It has been a blessing during the pandemic for many people, and a damage for others. read more by clicking here