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Enrida Kelly

Herbal laxatives have been used for millennia. They are widely available over the counter in pharmacies and health stores, and are used daily by millions of people. Why are we so constipated? It is a good question indeed.  Being a naturopathic colon hydrotherapist I get to talk about this subject frequently and in great length. Today however I... [read more]

Kara Mia Vernon

You may be considering this treatment as part of a detox routine or to address digestive or IBS issues. And if you have done your google reading, no doubt you have been scared off by lazy journalism, poorly informed opinions and quite frankly - Fake News. I have yet to read an article about Colonics, or Colon... [read more]

Lorraine Paxman

Detox Reboot cleanse

Posted by Lorraine Paxman 3058 Days Ago

Welcome to 2016 80% of All New year resolutions fail, within the first twelve weeks.  If you are suffering from the aftermath of Christmas endulgence.  Why not consider a thourogh detox & cleanse  Colonic Hydrotherapy, combined with a 3 day, Juicing diet, will Hydrate, energise and reboot your whole system.

Esther Mcculloch

Food Intolerances/Weight Gain

Posted by Esther Mcculloch 3162 Days Ago

I regularly see patients who have eaten the same food everyday for years and years, craving the same things day in and out. Often the items we desire are the ones that lead to weight gain. Once these products are removed from a person's diet the weight drops off. Furthermore, if you eat the same things... [read more]

Lorraine Paxman

Holistic Retreat

Posted by Lorraine Paxman 3233 Days Ago

Welcome to Driftaway Following my recent successful Retreat program in the south of France. I am very excited to announce the opening of Driftaway Retreat at my home, Located in the beautiful Meon Valley, It is perfect for  healthy eating breaks, or total Detox,  country walks, Yoga and much more. I will be opening the doors in early October offering bespoke programs to small groups of... [read more]