Detox Reboot cleanse

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Lorraine Paxman

Detox Reboot cleanse

Posted by Lorraine Paxman 2083 Days Ago

Welcome to 2016

80% of All New year resolutions fail, within the first twelve weeks. 

If you are suffering from the aftermath of Christmas endulgence. 

Why not consider a thourogh detox & cleanse 

Colonic Hydrotherapy, combined with a 3 day, Juicing diet, will Hydrate, energise and reboot your whole system.

Lorraine Paxman

Article written by Lorraine Paxman - Southampton

Welcome to Driftaway. My name is Lorraine; I am happily married with three daughters, one son and five grandchildren.

Driftaway was established in 1999 and my passion for holistic treatments began when one of my children developed an autoimmune problem.
As any mother, I wanted to do the best I possibly could. By... [read more]

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