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Sean Attwood

4 Steps to Reduce Stress Now

Posted by Sean Attwood 2415 Days Ago

4 Steps to Reduce Stress Now   Sit down and get comfortable  Touch your heart and hold your that touch Close your eyes and visualise that with every breathe in energy moves from your heart to your mind and every breath out sends that energy back Continue this pattern for about 3mins or until your mind is clear.    This is a great... [read more]

David Carroll

Energy Toxins - Almost impossible to avoid!

Posted by David Carroll 2873 Days Ago

  Toxins – an Introduction   A very real and present problem for both healer and client alike!   Introduction If asked to think of a typical toxin, most people would probably have an idea of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium etc or perhaps envision a dark glass bottle with a label depicting the 'skull and crossbones'. Now, although these are... [read more]