Sean Attwood

4 Steps to Reduce Stress Now

Posted by Sean Attwood Over 1 Year Ago

4 Steps to Reduce Stress Now


  1. Sit down and get comfortable
  2.  Touch your heart and hold your that touch
  3. Close your eyes and visualise that with every breathe in energy moves from your heart to your mind and every breath out sends that energy back
  4. Continue this pattern for about 3mins or until your mind is clear.


 This is a great process because it only takes a few minutes and only requires you to close your eyes and touch your heart. Think of it as a breathing and energy exercise.


By touching the area at your heart, whether with a single fingertip or your whole palm, is to draw your mind’s attention to that spot.  By visualising energy moving between your mind and your heart, you’re “tuning” them into each other, relaxing the nervous system and shutting down the physical and chemical stress responses like constricted blood vessels, cortisol and adrenaline release, and rapid breathing.


This process releases not just acute stress, a situation/event/action, but actually goes a long way towards reducing the chronic stress you may be carrying around and didn’t even know about.  You’ll also find that this will quickly reduce, if not eliminate, any anxiety that you’re feeling.