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Nirasha Ramlugan

Being Mindful

Posted by Nirasha Ramlugan 2050 Days Ago

I was teaching some 9 year olds a few relaxation techniques today. It was just amazing to see how a classroom full of excited, noisy, bubbly and effervescent children, react to a calm voice. As I told them to take a deep breath in and feel their lungs and abdomen expand with air, they gently closed their eyes. The... [read more]

Steven Blake

It controls you and you can control it!

Posted by Steven Blake 2181 Days Ago

Our conscious processes are capable of using up to only 9 bits of data at any time. All the rest of our brain is operating at a level unknown to the conscious and has a hundred trillion data connections. It is also thought to be operating about a hundred times faster than the conscious as well as... [read more]

Ruth Eagin


Posted by Ruth Eagin 2279 Days Ago

Everyone living in this fast paced, complex and uncertain world can benefit from mindful practice. It can help us to become healthier, to lead more effectively, and to cooperate with each other building healthier relationships at home, at work and with ourselves. Mindfulness is the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment... [read more]

Sandra Marston


Posted by Sandra Marston 2281 Days Ago

Finding Your Daily EGS! 'Even a mistake may turn out to be the one thing necessary to a worthwhile achievement' Henry Ford I run introductory workshops for Mindfulness.  I use mindfulness myself and recommend it to many of my clients because it is great for helping with stress, anxiety or just keeping you calm on a busy day. Towards... [read more]