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Sandra Marston


Posted by Sandra Marston 1520 Days Ago

Finding Your Daily EGS!

'Even a mistake may turn out to be the one thing necessary to a worthwhile achievement'

Henry Ford

I run introductory workshops for Mindfulness.  I use mindfulness myself and recommend it to many of my clients because it is great for helping with stress, anxiety or just keeping you calm on a busy day. Towards the end of the taster session there is an opportunity for participants to recall what had gone well for them that day, so I want to stress  the importance of appreciating  ourselves and our achievements. I don't believe we do enough of this. We allow our success- large and small – to drift by without acknowledgement.  We rarely stop to think about what a wonderful machine our body is – it keeps going even when we treat it badly, ignore its needs, and fail to acknowledge its pain or distress.  If we did that to another person they would soon complain!

By starting to recognise and acknowledge our uniqueness and our achievements we can begin to build a more positive picture of ourselves. Stopping to consider what we've achieved — in a day, a week can have a profound impact on our well being and our view of ourselves. By marvelling at what the human body can cope with we are reminding ourselves what wonderful creatures we are. Do you ever get to the end of the day and wonder what on earth you've achieved or where did the day go? In fact you have achieved all kinds of things.  They might not be earth-shattering: we achieve simple but significant things every day and never give them a thought.

This Mindfulness exercise encourages us to look hard enough and find that there is a lot that we can feel proud about. I encourage clients to adopt the idea of keeping of a journal. Not a diary but a notebook to record thoughts and feelings – maybe not every day but regularly enough for it to be meaningful. So when the day is coming to an end you may want to note down in your journal your EGS of the day. 

E what did you ENJOY today? Pick 3 things that you enjoyed or are pleased with today.  Perhaps something that brought a smile to your face.

G What are you GRATEFUL for today? Pick something that normally you may not have noticed that left you feeling a sense of gratitude.  Simple things that you would normally not consider

S What are you SATISFIED with today? What did you achieve today that has left you feeling satisfied? What does that tell you about your good qualities that you can take forward into tomorrow?

Getting into the habit of acknowledging what we've achieved helps to maintain a positive and optimistic outlook.  By writing these things down we are imprinting them on our brain – a good way to improve our self image and confidence.  When we are having tough times looking back on the EGS of previous times can remind us how resourceful we are, and how we can survive and move forward.

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For more information about EGS read “The Little Book of Mindfulness” by Dr Patrizia Collard