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Gail Lucas Brumby

Plaid skirts have enjoyed a longstanding presence as a cornerstone of women's fashion, fusing a classic pattern with a timeless silhouette. Their ubiquity spans from school uniforms to high fashion runways, illustrating their remarkable adaptability to shifting trends while preserving their inherent and enduring charm. This article embarks on a journey to uncover the abiding appeal... [read more]

Areti Grigoriou

Hippocrates said that every disease originates from our soul and ends up to our body. Before we decide what kind of treatment we need to follow for healing we need to start treating the delusion in our “mind-emotion-soul” state that makes us ill. In our cells is engraved all the uniqueness of our existence. It is frustrating... [read more]

Kevin Davies

Health Scanning the inside story... Amazing new technology from Bio Health Tech completes an Automated Full Body scan. Are you searching for a better way to manage your health? We help people every day improve their health using Frequency Medicine. Our Bio Resonance system completes a fast Automated Full Body scan, finding areas under stress, that we treat during the... [read more]

Areti Grigoriou

Neurofeedback and Brain Biofeedback is the latest technology for brain and nervous system training. With well-selected frequencies, EEG Biofeedback and micro currents we coordinate, harmonize, and train the brain and nervous system to achieve optimal function. It is totally safe and without side effects! Neurofeedback is a direct training of brain function, by which the brain... [read more]

Areti Grigoriou

With this system, great knowledge of quantum mechanics and the knowledge of how quantum mechanics applied to human biology, health and dis – ease we can open the book of our health and learn what happens inside us! With Eductor Biofeedback, we measure on the quantum level, all the electromagnetic information of the body and the reaction of the... [read more]

Areti Grigoriou

The Eductor is a Quantum Bio-information Medical Device annex 4. Is a universal elecrophysiological biofeedback system and more. Biofeedback science is described as "measuring a physiological response and feeding it back". It measures using MTENS, MCES, EWH, TVEP, ETM, EEG, ECG, MENS, EMG, GSR. The Eductor coordinates a complex elecro-modal, biofeedback program with computer software in order... [read more]