Autoimmune diseases, causes and treatment

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Areti Grigoriou

Autoimmune diseases, causes and treatment

Posted by Areti Grigoriou Homeopath 239 Days Ago

Hippocrates said that every disease originates from our soul and ends up to our body. Before we decide what kind of treatment we need to follow for healing we need to start treating the delusion in our “mind-emotion-soul” state that makes us ill.

In our cells is engraved all the uniqueness of our existence. It is frustrating today not to know how huge is the impact of our “mind-emotion-soul” state and thought process in our physical body.

According to the type of thoughts we have our brain creates synapses and sends messages – orders to our cells. Autoimmune diseases are created in our body in its own attempt to fight our own misery, depression, sadness, fears, delusion, greed, unhappiness.

Another factor added is stress that causes cortisol levels to increase and aging process is accelerating. We feel even more anxious, insecure, as if nothing is going well. In that way we put ourselves in a self-destructive mechanism called “Murphy’s law”.

For an autoimmune disease to be developed though, a strong tendency or a constitutional sensitivity must be present. Sometimes people with that type of diseases carry very strong traumas, sometimes even subconsciously. Additionally they have the genes for that disease and under the self-destructive process the genes end up to mutate.

Another factor for the development of autoimmune disease is a very strong emotional shock or a prolonged negative emotion. Every negative thought that we are doing, drops our bio-electric charge of our cellular membrane bellow 60mv when the desirable is 75-100mv. As a result the membrane of the cell is unable to excrete toxins and catabolic waste and receive nutrients, water and oxygen. Hence the cells and consequently the tissue and the organs get inflamed or damaged.

Fortunately the last few decades patients and doctors found another approach in terms of healing. We now have an up to date technology that detects and reverse the damage has been made, as long as this damage is not a complete degeneration of an organ or tissue. Holistic medicine, biofeedback and Neurofeedback help to reprogram our brain, release toxic thoughts, traumas and misery from our lives and give us the correct frequencies to recharge our cells and start self – healing process instead.

Areti Grigoriou

MSc Neuroscientist, Natural Medicine Practitioner, PD(Hom)

Areti Grigoriou

Article written by Areti Grigoriou - Cambridge

Areti Grigoriou MSc, N.Sc, R.PD(Hom), RNP is paracticing applied Neuroscience and Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, Clinical Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Holistic Nutrition, Muscle re-education and training with EMS Miha Bodytec in Cambridge.

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