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Bahar Nagi

The lymphatic system is the sewer system of the body-often in trouble, but generally easy to fix. It removes excess fluids from the body tissues. It absorbs fatty acids and handles the subsequent transport of fats to the circulatory system. Why do we have a lymph system? * Part of bodys Defence mechanism* Prevents circulation of pathogens * Stores lymphocytes to... [read more]

Jan Thomson

em SECRETS OF LYMPHOEDEMA SKIN CARE What  can I  do to look after my skin? Cleanse your skin Wash daily with warm water and soap/soap substitute. Dry skin thoroughly especially between fingers and toes Moisturise your skin Apply moisturising cream to prevent cracking and drying. Creams are better than lotion as have a greater moisturising effect Look at your skin When cutting nails take care... [read more]