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Fay Victoria  Durrant

Return to the Breath

Posted by Fay Victoria Durrant 2002 Days Ago

  Return to the Breath (the foundation of wellness and the secret tool against stress and overwhelm)   So many of us seem to have lost the ability to breathe deeply. It is something I have noticed over and over in clinics and classes. When I'm teaching or with regular clients in the therapy room I have a chance to... [read more]

Kathryn Pearson

It's not my Hormones! It's my Amygdala

Posted by Kathryn Pearson 3113 Days Ago

Why we shouldnt blame teenagers moods on JUST their hormomes.... It’s not my hormones it’s my amygdala! Tired, moody, angry, impulsive, hungry, off-balance, gangly, awkward, curious… All make up the tell tale signs of adolescence; your teenage years. How often are your mood swings, rages and impulsive behaviour put down to simply 'hormones' without any real proper explanation? Weekly? Daily?... [read more]