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Octavian Petrescu

Thai massage is a traditional healing practice that has been developed over the centuries in Thailand. It is a type of massage that combines acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. This therapeutic technique is also known as Thai yoga massage, and it is gaining popularity in the Western world as a means of reducing... [read more]

Peter Kramer

Celebrate your body

Posted by Peter Kramer 2153 Days Ago

Stop judging your body, how you look, move, or feel. It does not judge you. It serves you beautifully, no matter what and only does what you ask it to do. It is time to celebrate it for that reason alone. Celebrate it for how well it responds to what you do, think and believe even... [read more]

Laura Dalby

What is Soft Tissue Therapy?

Posted by Laura Dalby 2213 Days Ago

Soft Tissue Therapy What is Soft Tissue Therapy? STT is the assessment, treatment and management of soft tissue injury, pain, and dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system. As a soft tissue therapist I will use deep tissue massage skills to treat you along with manual stretching, myofascial release and trigger point therapy. When do YOU need STT? STT can help you... [read more]

Maureen Anderson-Smith

Facials What are holistic facials? Holistic facial follows a similar patterning to that of regular facials of Cleansing, Toning, Exfoliating, Facial mask and Moisturising. However, unlike regular facial massage, holistic facial looks beyond the surface of the skin. In addition to the regular facials holistic facials involves the use of acupressure and deep massage techniques that help to... [read more]

Maureen Anderson-Smith

Massage and its importance Massage therapy is commonly known to provide benefits that may assist the body to relax, calms the mind, may assist in pain reduction, increases circulation and may to create freedom of movement. Muscles and posture Muscles work hard each day to keep us upright and to create meaningful movement.  Poor posture and vigorous action, stress, overcome... [read more]

Jenny Swan

11 Ways to Fix Lower Back Pain

Posted by Jenny Swan 2545 Days Ago

Low back pain is definitely one of 2 muscular skeletal issues I encounter the most in my clinic – the other being neck and shoulder issues. Perhaps you bent the wrong way while lifting something heavy or twisted in the car or while lifting weights and felt your back “go” or “rip”. Perhaps you’re dealing with a degenerative... [read more]

Richard Pearson

Advice on muscle pain at work

Posted by Richard Pearson 2769 Days Ago

By now you’ve probably had your annual holiday. Or maybe you spent all summer at your desk holding the fort. Either way, you may have picked up an injury on a holiday activity or be suffering from pains from that office chair. Here are methods that will help a fast recovery. For injuries, remember RICE – Rest,... [read more]

Kristina Matej

Massage is a necessity, not a luxury

Posted by Kristina Matej 2901 Days Ago

In my practice as a massage therapist I often hear my clients say: “It’s so nice to treat myself to a massage.”, “Massage is a nice treat for me.” and “I’ve been so busy, I decided to reward myself.” This can be somehow frustrating. As although massage is of itself an amazing experience and certainly feels... [read more]

Zoe Macpherson

Managing injury

Posted by Zoe Macpherson 2909 Days Ago

8 weeks into a complex foot injury with the added pleasure of chronic pain has given me plenty of time to ponder on how best to help my situation. Here I share those reflections. I have analysed, scrutinised, laughed, cried, prayed, moaned, ranted, raved, slept and not slept, driven myself (and my husband) mad! I am... [read more]

Alex Koop

Spiritual Healing/ Reiki Massage is just that – a combination of Spiritual Healing/ Reiki and whole body massage. How did I come to combine the two, and what are the potential benefits - let me elaborate.... 2006 - I had been doing healing work for near a decade, and had made it ‘official’, by taking the Healing... [read more]

Fiona Howells

Presence in Massage

Posted by Fiona Howells 3064 Days Ago

Hi :)  having just completed a 5 day silent intensive Satsang in London with Sri Mooji there is reflection on the value of Presence during massage.  High energy of joy and happiness moves easily between masseuse and client while both rest in the cocoon of the treatment. Peace naturally catches awareness. You find daily thought loops interrupted.  Even... [read more]

Laura Smith

Chakra Balancing During Massage

Posted by Laura Smith 3078 Days Ago

Chakra Balancing During Massage I was inspired to write this post after a similar article by Reiki Rays last month called Does Reiki Have Any Impact When Used During Massage? The author Isabela do Val Santana explains the effects of Reiki flowing whether being asked to or not and how this can affect the quality and results... [read more]

J Lane

Deep Tissue Massage

Posted by J Lane 3118 Days Ago

What is Deep Tissue Massage? Deep tissue massage as the name suggests is massage that works on the muscles of the body at a deep level.  The tissues of the body are manipulated using various techniques.  These can include gentle stretching of the fibres or deep frictions to interlink any scar tissue that may have formed from... [read more]

Ruth Eagin

Massage and sleep for health and wellbeing

Posted by Ruth Eagin 3186 Days Ago

A good night's sleep is vital for our health and wellbeing. When we sleep our body repairs its cells and also repairs any damage caused by stress. If we can get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night, our levels of serotonin are balanced. Serotonin affects our mood and so we can be happier and combat depression... [read more]

Maureen Anderson-Smith

The tension triangle, which involves the head, neck and shoulders, is used to describe the aches and pains that we can feel from time to time. You may notice that your facial muscles can feel stiff from the brow to jaw, your neck my feel tense and your shoulders cramped. Anxiety and tension work hand-in-hand. We automatically... [read more]

Susan Whitney

Hypothesis Injury classification may happen as a direct or indirect result from an abrasion to muscle, or of ligament damage as a result in strain of varying categories. The site of which my patient presents his injury is at the shoulder as a result of occupational work incorporated by leisure activities at the gym.  The anatomy of... [read more]