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Chakra Balancing During Massage

Posted by Laura Smith Over 1 Year Ago

Chakra Balancing During Massage

Explanation of the benefits of Chakra balancing during a massageI was inspired to write this post after a similar article by Reiki Rays last month called Does Reiki Have Any Impact When Used During Massage? The author Isabela do Val Santana explains the effects of Reiki flowing whether being asked to or not and how this can affect the quality and results of her massage.

I also find reiki flowing during a massage even although I have not consciously intended it too. At times I find myself automatically being guided by this healing energy and placing my hands on certain chakras which I believe to be out of balance.

After 10 years working as a spa therapist it is my experience that the majority of clients are looking for deep tissue or strong pressure. I am not sure whether they believe this is what they really need, enjoy the release and pleasurable pain which comes from deep tissue or simply have a lack of knowledge on therapies as a whole and think this is their only option.

I would like to offer more information on this subject to open up the minds of many clients who only wish to book in for deep tissue or sports massage

I too love a good strong deep tissue massage, mainly on my back to release tension and break down nodules. However this treatment alone will not solve the problems many of us have regarding stiff hips, lower back pain and headaches.

We are more than just a physical body containing muscle, bones and joints. We are also a source of energy protected by our auric field which contains our emotional and mental thoughts, beliefs and past memories. As each of our chakras is connected to an organ, gland and bodily system, it is blockages in these chakras which can cause physical symptoms in the human body. For example a blockage in the base chakra caused by changes to our daily routines such as moving house, changing job, can also cause unexplained sudden stiffness in the lower limbs and lower back. Another example would be hyper activity in the 3rd eye chakra caused by over analysing, studying and creative thought patterns. These are all very common ailments of today’s average working business man/woman which if ignored can lead to headaches, insomnia and the inability to let go and relax.

In my opinion the best results are achieved when we treat the whole body and not just purely the physical. I love to do deep tissue massage but prefer to combine it with perhaps some essential aromatherapy oils which offer many therapeutic benefits as well as reiki to balance the chakras and bring about a sense of total peace.