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Maureen Anderson-Smith

September Migraine awareness week.   The World Health Organization reported that ‘Migraine is the third most common disease in the world with an estimated global prevalence of one in seven people.’   Aim of Migraine Awareness Week is to draw awareness and to build an understanding to this debilitating disease.   Three ways of looking at Migraine   ·         Tension headaches, this is the... [read more]

Samantha Knight

Waking Up Refreshed

Posted by Samantha Knight 1828 Days Ago

So a few years ago I was recommended to get a light lamp during the winter to help with that general sluggish feeling we all get when we wake up and it’s still dark outside. I searched around and at the time they just fell outside of my price bracket and I kind of forgot all... [read more]

Ruth Eagin

Healing powers of Aromatherapy

Posted by Ruth Eagin 1888 Days Ago

Healing powers of Aromatherapy are amazing! Our sense of smell works with our olfactory system and connects with our 'emotional brain' and stimulates brain chemicals, for example the scent of Lavender helps to trigger serotonin, which has a relaxing effect on our mind and body. There are many many great essential oils which can help the... [read more]