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Ruth Eagin

Healing powers of Aromatherapy

Posted by Ruth Eagin

1370 Days Ago

Healing powers of Aromatherapy are amazing! Our sense of smell works with our olfactory system and connects with our 'emotional brain' and stimulates brain chemicals, for example the scent of Lavender helps to trigger serotonin, which has a relaxing effect on our mind and body. There are many many great essential oils which can help the health of your body and mind.

For example: Calming Chamomile and Soothing Lavender.
Healing properties of these oils are that Chamomile is helpful for joints and arthritis, it soothes inflammation, helps allergies, eczema, psoriasis and itchy skin. Its calming properties help insomnia and overall it is calming and relaxing, blended with Lavender this is the ultimate in soothing relaxation.

Aromatherapy essential

An Aromatherapy massage treatment involves applying essential oils in a blend of carrier oil to the body.  There are various ways of using aromatherapy as well as in your massage blend, you can use it at home in  your bath, in diffusers, room sprays, inhalations, in creams, lotions and shampoos, for first aid and also for pet care.

Essential oils work in four different ways on the body:-

Pharmacological – this is a chemical change in the body. When the oil chemical interacts with bloodstream and other body fluids, it changes the chemistry of how the body works by affecting the hormones, enzymes and neurotransmitters.

Physiological – can help to relieve symptoms of stress. The oils change the messages and impulses that go around the body and slows the heart beat and breathing and generates feeling of relaxation.

Spiritual – oils can work on the spirit or soul, not just on a physical level.   They can help heal the aura, balance the Chakras and soothe the emotions.

Psychological – The person responds to the aroma. Smells are linked to memories which can have an effect on how the person feels.  Sometimes the smell that we don’t like may be the oil that we need! Smells can be disguised with another oil if the client doesn’t like one of the aromas. Subtle aromatherapy works equally as well. Smells can have associations with past experiences and so may be positive or negative.

It is important to be aware and check for contra-indications before using any essential oils.

Ruth Eagin

Article written by Ruth Eagin - Harrogate

Ruth Eagin, Director of SootheEssential Complementary Therapies within Harrogate Therapy Centre offers range of Complementary Therapies by appointment from the treatment room in Harrogate town centre and can provide massage for events, well-being days, regular workplace massage, group bookings and pamper parties.

Ruth is also a qualified lecturer of Complementary therapies... [read more]

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