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Massage and its importance

Posted by Maureen Anderson-Smith Aromatherapist Over 1 Year Ago

Massage and its importance

Massage therapy is commonly known to provide benefits that may assist the body to relax, calms the mind, may assist in pain reduction, increases circulation and may to create freedom of movement.

Muscles and posture

Muscles work hard each day to keep us upright and to create meaningful movement.

 Poor posture and vigorous action, stress, overcome the muscles ability to perform work and so more likely to form tight muscles and knots, Poor posture when left will lead to permanently shortened muscles, resulting in a fixed poor posture, coupled with muscle ache and pain.

Massage may assist in reversing chronic poor posture by breaking up adhesions in tight muscles, and so allowing them to return to their full length. Allowing for muscles to move more freely, and improving muscles ability to perform

Static sitting

Static sitting for long periods can result in tightness in the lower back, side and shoulders. Tight muscles can pull on the vertebra- stress and when left result in aches or pain.

.Signs that you require massage 

·         Massage may assist in relieving post exercise soreness, may assist recovery and avoids formation of painful knots.

·         Stretch exercises and massage therapy compliments one another in reducing adhesions and knots. Hastens improvement of stretch exercise, relaxes body and mind, speeds up recovery from post exercise soreness

·         Massage works best when received regularly

·         Physical training, puts challenge on the body, massage  may help to keep muscles  active and may reduce injury

·         Pain in neck back and shoulders- could be the result of tight muscles- muscle tension. Regular massage may assist in reduction of tension and relieve headaches.

·         Not getting sufficient sleep. Sleep is important as it helps us to recover and heal. Massage therapy helps to promote healthy sleep habits by promoting relaxation.

·         Massage decreases stress hormones by increasing endorphin and may to promote emotional balance.

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