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Areti Grigoriou

What the Eductor Biofeedback can do for your health

Posted by Areti Grigoriou

547 Days Ago

With this system, great knowledge of quantum mechanics and the knowledge of how quantum mechanics applied to human biology, health and dis – ease we can open the book of our health and learn what happens inside us!

With Eductor Biofeedback, we measure on the quantum level, all the electromagnetic information of the body and the reaction of the body towards specific frequencies.

Every organism to maintain healthy is tolerant until a specific amount of stressors. When those limits are crossed, then the organism goes into a chaotic dynamic and loses the health homoeostasis. After that limit, the body arises symptoms in order to reduce this entropy and sacrifices an organ or a system. This is the way diseases exist. While it is true that the human body does not come with an instruction manual, with this device we are in a position to know what the stressors are for every individual and where the limits are. By reducing the stressors with biofeedback we can get our health back! It provides us with clues necessary to maintain control, vitality, and thriving energy.

The information is gathered from the body through electrodes in the head (8 electrodes) and limp straps(4 electrodes). The system measures evoked potential reactions of a client to applied stimulations. Within approximately 5 minutes, the system can detect and record information about the individuals’ stress reactions. The information is then tabulated and listed in order of the highest reaction. This can be read on the computer screen and can be further analyzed in the course of the stressors reduction management session.

The frequencies that we react the most to show us that the body has had this condition in the past so the cell memory reacts to it, or it has this condition now, or it is a tendency for this condition to be developed in the future because the brain already gives the order to do so.

Do not forget! For any change at the biochemical level, a biophysical change had to come first . It is very important to know what happens at our biophysical level because is the other half of our existence when the rest is the biochemical level.

The Body scan is totally safe and with no side effects. The patient wears electrodes on the head, arms, and legs, and we measure the results through EEG, ECG, MENS, MTENS, MCES, EWH, TVEP, ETM, EMG, GSR, etc., all without any unpleasant feeling.

We can measure on the biophysical level DNA patterns, cellular toxins and nutrition, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, blood impurities, blood analysis, organ function analysis, hormones, neurotransmitters, emotions, emotional traumas, disease tendencies, energetic blockages, gland function, food allergy test, osmosis, causes of the disease, toxins, allergens, and many more. 

Biofeedback except for measurements is a powerful tool to train your body to work perfectly! Specific frequencies designed for specific individuals and health problems address the health problems on the quantum level.

We all know that our body is made of molecules and the molecules of atoms, particles that are positively or negatively charged. We all have been taught that electromagnetic fields can cause biochemical changes. We all know that until now medicine does not have all the results that it should have. This is because medicine treats half of the organism. The other half is a matter of the biochemical functions. The biophysical functions, which are the most important because they determine the biochemical functions, have been left unused in therapies. Know the sciences of thermodynamic, quantum physics, bio-informational Medicine, and Quantum Biofeedback came to fill the gap in human health.

Recharging your body will allow you to gain optimal health!

The Eductor has more technologically advanced Electro-Stimulation Capacities from any other device. It is the only biofeedback device certified as a Medical Device. It is only that it has 3 Signal Generators. This 3 stimulation system allows a three dimensional field for 1000% stimulation versatility. Evidence Based Evolutionary Medicine

Some of many therapies that biofeedback applied are:

  • Metabolic repair - stimulation
  • Hormonal repair
  • Body electric repair
  • Electroacupuncture - Energetic unblocking
  • Cell detox - Release Environmental Stressors
  • Cell Nutrition - Oxygenation - Hydration
  • Immune Support
  • Wound and trauma repair
  • Release Allergies
  • Organ support
  • Sports Enhancement - Muscle Building
  • Oxidative stress release - increase Osmosis







Areti Grigoriou

Article written by Areti Grigoriou - Cambridge

Areti Grigoriou MSc, N.Sc, R.PD(Hom), RNP is paracticing applied Neuroscience and Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, Clinical Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Holistic Nutrition, Muscle re-education and training with EMS Miha Bodytec in Cambridge.

"I started my career as Agronomist working in the field when I had my first experience with "dis-ease."

I tried Conventional Medicine and was met... [read more]

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