Esther Mcculloch

Food Intolerances/Weight Gain

Posted by Esther Mcculloch Over 1 Year Ago

I regularly see patients who have eaten the same food everyday for years and years, craving the same things day in and out. Often the items we desire are the ones that lead to weight gain. Once these products are removed from a person's diet the weight drops off. Furthermore, if you eat the same things every day you can become sensitive to them. 

For instance, are you someone who has toast for breakfast every day and either a sandwich or a wrap for lunch? Try replacing these with an alternative such as fruit and/or healthy gluten-free cereals with almond or rice milk.

Also, following a healthy, balanced, nutrient-rich diet, with plenty of green vegetables, nuts, seeds, pulses, grains, fruit, etc. should really help to stop the food cravings and also keep the weight down.

When you eat something that you are intolerant to on a regular basis you slowdown your metabolism and a delayed immune response occurs within your body. This means your body won’t break down fats as effectively. This can happen over several hours or even days after the offending food is digested. Side effects range from irritable bowel-like symptoms to skin eruptions, ulcerations in the mouth, Crohn’s disease or inflammation of the digestive tract, colic, ear problems and tiredness; I could go on. The biggest culprits are eggs, wheat, dairy and yeast. This is because we eat so much of these foodstuffs (often with every meal) and they are found in so many pre-packed/processed foods. With these facts in mind, it is clear why so many people have food intolerances these days.

I really recommend all my patients have a food intolerance test. Time and time again I see the weight drop off people through a combination of removing foods from the diet that show up in the test and clearing the bowel through colon Hydrotherapy

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