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Connection with crawling and dyslexia

Posted by Maria Esposito Bsc (hons) Nutritional Therapist 51 Days Ago

Importance of a baby crawling and connection with dyslexia

Science is great in proving things that there was a possible theoretical point to start with. Years ago, when I was studying for my Nutritional degree, I saw some research regarding the connection between crawling or mainly not crawling and hand and eye coordination, that would affect the child later in life and have a poor eye and hand coordination.

Looking at some studies now, they can now show that the crawling part is essential for writing and other brain activity that would be affected by the same part. I remember also reading the book, “The well balance child”, by Sally Goddard Blythe, where they mentioned that crawling would switch off one reflex in the body, so that another reflex would switch on, and facilitate the hand and eye coordination for later in life. The tummy time and other baby developments are essential for every stage of the baby to have a balanced life. read more click here