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J Lane

Colour Therapy

Posted by J Lane 2172 Days Ago

Not many of us realise the influence colour can have on your life?  We can use colour in many positive ways to naturally enhance our well-being.  Our body contains many chakras, these are spinning vortex's of energy, each chakra is linked to a colour and an emotion.  The main chakras and colours they resonate with are:-

  • Root -   Red 
  • Sacral  -  Orange
  • Solar plexus -  Yellow
  • Heart  -   Green or Pink
  • Throat  - Blue
  • Head/Brow - Indigo
  • Crown - Violet or White

By using the appropriate colour for each chakra we can help to restore balance within the area.  Each day we are naturally drawn to the colour our body craves to restore balance and well-being.  Have you ever noticed when dressing, our subconscious mind often steers us towards a particular colour.  Yet, on other occasions we may feel repulsed by a colour which may signify very strong imbalances within this area.  Colour, simply put, is light of varying wavelengths and frequencies, the higher the frequency the higher the energy it gives off.  Red has the highest wavelength but the lowest frequency, whereas violet has the lowest wavelength but highest frequency. Each chakra vibrates to a particular colour therefore by using the relevant colour we can re-balance each chakra and create inner harmony.  

When working with colour it is always good to use both the colour we are drawn to and its complementary (opposite) colour, which can be seen on the colour wheel, this helps to create balance within the body.  By learning to work with colour you can help enhance your everyday life, for instance if you are giving an important speech to a large group of individuals, blue would be a good colour to wear.  Blue is the colour associated with the throat chakra and can also have a calming effect, helping you to hopefully speak more clearly and remain calmer throughout your speech.  If however you needed more confidence the colour red may suit you better, red is linked to the root chakra and connected to our security and home life.

But why its the welfare of our chakras so important?  Many cultures believe that the disease process begins from emotions that have not been dealt with, the negativity from the emotion is held in our outer aura and eventually works its way in until it creates a problem for the organ associated with the chakra.  By using colour regularly our chakras will be in a more balanced state and our emotions will become much calmer.  Could more disease be prevented by looking after our emotional body as well as our physical?  Why not try using more colour and see if you can feel the benefit.

Thank you for reading