Amanda Brooks

Are your emotions holding you back?

Posted by Amanda Brooks Kinesiologist Over 1 Year Ago

Emotions and Daily Life

As we go through our lives we experience emotions on a daily basis, these emotions have an energy vibration that the body would naturally process whilst we sleep. Sometimes though the emotion is so strong and overwhelming that the body just cannot process it properly and this may result in the emotion becoming ‘trapped’ in the body.

The emotion/event may also get trapped in the body through lack of sleep, some medications, too many other things happening in the day that the body just thinks ‘If I put that to one side for now then I can deal with it later!’ However, later can be days, weeks, months or even years down the line and by that time the body’s energy system has become distorted, resulting in normal healthy messages becoming ‘foggy’, life then stops flowing in the way that it was meant to, leading to disharmony, die-ease, negativity, unease at life, etc.

Using the Body/Emotion code we work to release the disharmony and allow the body to process that emotion appropriately.

Heart Wall

One of the things an Emotion/Body Code practitioner works on as a priority is a heart wall. This is a wall of energy placed around the heart, rather like a force field.

This wall is made up of unprocessed emotions that the subconscious has utilised in order to protect you from further hurt. The problem is that the body holds on, even when protection is no longer needed and this wall of energy literally can be a wall between yourself and others.

How do you know if you have a Heart Wall?

A heart wall can lead to feelings of isolation, an inability to interact freely with the world around you, misunderstandings with others, anxiety, depression, discomfort around the chest and upper back area, plus other things.

Will I feel vulnerable and Exposed without a Heart Wall?

This is a question client’s often ask, in my experience I find that the heart wall has prevented people from feeling, seeing, interacting and living from a clear perspective – that makes you much more vulnerable than coming from a space of clarity, integrity and love.

What will I notice following the release of my Heart Wall?

Clients have described a feeling of expansion in their heart, a weight being lifted from them (that they hadn’t even realised was there), people and situations being drawn towards them when they were not there before.

Some people can feel the difference quickly and others it may take days or weeks and be much more subtle, they may notice that they laugh a little more, smile at things that they didn’t before, have a feeling of peace, of course everyone is different.

Can children or animals have a Heart Wall?

Absolutely, I have worked with many children and animals h

elping them to live and make choices from a clear space, allowing them to be more confident and open to receiving love.

The Body Code

What do you do if you think you may have a heart wall?

If you think you may have a heart wall, are just curious, or have other blocks that may be preventing you from reaching your potential then contact me where together we can use this amazing technique to work remotely by phone or in person, to identify what might be holding you back. 

Using Kinesiology, I identify each emotion your body is ready to let go of that has become ‘trapped’, along with any other relevant information about the energy that your body needs to know in order to release and allow the event to be processed properly.

It is Body / Emotion Code practitioners experience that approximately 93% of people have a heart wall - do you?

The technique is so simple and easy anyone can do it, Dr Nelson has written a book called The Emotion Code which shows you step by step what you can do to help yourself – so what are you waiting for?

What clients have to say:-

‘I could not believe how much better I felt and how much deeper my sleep is now since you worked remotely on me.’ Vera. P., UK.

‘It is like having a massage on the inside’ by 6 year old Athene.D., UK  

‘I cannot begin to tell you the change that has come over my daughter in the last six months since her session. She is settled, has a new job and is taking responsibility for herself.’
Michele. C., UK

‘After removing my heart wall I felt joy, expansion and have met my life partner.’ Kate.T., UK