Kinesiology is the study of body movement. It uses muscle testing to determine possible causes of imbalances in a person's body. Treatment takes the form of the kinesiologist testing muscles in different positions and then using the response to realign the body.

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Sarah Flynn

Sarah Flynn - Kinesiologist

My name is Sarah Flynn. I love the work that I do - helping people to feel better about themselves in mind, body and spirit. I decided to become a Natural Health Practitioner after my health was radically improved by using natural therapies. Since then I have seen... [read more]

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Marian Bourne - Kinesiologist

I work with trauma and people who live with long term pain. You've tried your doctor, a physio, osteopath or chiropractor but nothing has worked.

There can be many reasons why your pain or injury persists and usually, if you have been in pain a long time, it means it's... [read more]

Craniosacral Therapy
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Life Coaching
Nutritional Therapy
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Elizabeth Pudelek

Elizabeth Pudelek - Kinesiologist

I have been practicing holistic therapies for over 20 years using the wisdom of Western and Eastern traditional & natural medicine. By integrating the knowledge and healing techniques I have learnt from various different schools and Teachers, I help my clients to restore their health and achieve greater balance and... [read more]

Flower Essences Therapy
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Tabitha Gale

Tabitha Gale - Kinesiologist

Welcome! ~ Celebrating 13 years in practice in 2019 ♥

I offer Integrated Healing Kinesiology which is a combination of Kinesiology, Reiki Healing, Life Coaching NLP and EFT.

I am passionate about getting people in touch with the power and healing resources that are within them to create positive outcomes and... [read more]

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Verified Therapist


Angela Abbott

Angela Abbott - Kinesiologist

Whether you are looking to address health concerns, improve particular areas of your life or just want to take some time out and relax, I can help.

You will experience a unique and individual approach with my sessions, where you are the priority. Appointment times and packages are designed to allow us... [read more]

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Rosemary Tarrant

Rosemary Tarrant - Kinesiologist

Imagine your body and mind feeling vital, balanced, focussed and it happening naturally. Being a Practitioner & Tutor in Kinesiology and also trained to a high standard in nutrition, homeobotanicals (yummy liquid herbals) and massage of various types, I offer experience of 20 years and a depth of knowledge in... [read more]

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Lily Ayre

Lily Ayre - Kinesiologist

I facilitate a nurturing and courageous space for you to rekindle a profound connection with your inner soul-self and the land you inhabit. Our work together unfolds through the art of Energy Alchemy, to reconnect you with the well of love, wisdom, and wellbeing within. This holistic approach draws upon a... [read more]

Energy Medicine
Flower Essences Therapy
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Julian Doddrell

Julian Doddrell - Kinesiologist

I graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 1981 and have practiced in Plymouth since then.
For the last 4 years I have worked for the NHS part time in the Acute Back Pain Service.
I am Registered with Dance UK as I enjoy working with dancers.
I was the Osteopath for... [read more]

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Tansie Jeffrey

Tansie Jeffrey - Kinesiologist

Over 25 years of experience, qualified in energy medicine, and emotional and physical therapies. We work on releasing stress, trauma, anxiety, lack of wealth and financial success, relationship issues, soulmate, self-love and self-worth, confidence, childhood trauma, ill-health, muscular pain and tension, and more.

Creating balance, harmony, peace, contentment and... [read more]

Emotional Freedom Technique
Energy Medicine
Fascial Stretch Therapy
Indian Head Massage
Myofascial Release
Relationship Therapy
Scar Tissue Release
Tension and Trauma Releasing
Theta Healing
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Isabelle Cooke

Isabelle Cooke - Kinesiologist

I am passionate about enabling others to embark on their own personal journey to optimum health. My goal is to help others experience a more accessible and effective approach to health & well-being, and to feel the best that they possibly can. Stumbling across Systematic Kinesiology many years ago... [read more]

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Verified Therapist


Amanda Brooks

Amanda Brooks - Kinesiologist

Amanda has been working as an energy worker since 1993 and comes from a background of practitioner and teacher of McTimoney-Corley chiropractic.

She has a wealth of teaching experience and knowledge behind her and taught Kinesiology from 1995 - 2013.

She runs a busy virtual clinic working over Zoom/Skype/Phone with clients... [read more]

Energy Medicine
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Allison Prebble

Allison Prebble - Kinesiologist

I am dedicated to prevention as well as to alleviating conditions. I work well with deep issues, identifying imbalances in the body by monitoring your ability to hold your muscles against light pressure "muscle response testing". I check for the possible causes be they structural, biochemical (e.g. nutritional deficiencies, intolerances), emotional... [read more]

Nutritional Therapy
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Kinesiology is the study of body movement. It uses muscle testing to determine possible causes of imbalances in a person's body. Treatment takes the form of the kinesiologist testing muscles in different positions and then using the response to realign the body.

This can take the form of rubbing or holding key acupuncture points, advice on lifestyle changes such as diet and managing stress and the use of supplements.

Kinesiology has been used to treat:

  • stress
  • headaches
  • pain relief
  • allergies
  • muscle aches and pains
  • emotional difficulties
  • low self esteem

Treatment will begin with an initial consultation where the kinesiologist will assess the nature of the complaint as well as taking a detailed medical history and discussing your general lifestyle, diet and emotional state. If you are taking any medication or supplements these should brought with you. You will normally be asked to lie down, fully dressed on a treatment table and muscles will be tested. The initial consultation may last an hour or more and each subsequent session is likely to last 30 to 60 minutes. The number of sessions required will vary, but on average 3 to 6 sessions gives clients the results they are looking for.

Remedies can be taken alongside conventional medicine, but this should be it is best to consult with both your GP and the homeopath.

Kinesiology is not currently regulated by UK law which means anyone can practice, however it is advisable to choose a qualified kinesiologist who has had appropriate training and is registered with a recognised professional organisation such as:

  • The Kinesiology Federation (KF)
  • The Association of Systematic Kinesiology (ASK)

All kinesiologists on the site have indicated they hold a relevant qualification, however it is advisable to check again before beginning any treatment. There is added peace of mind in choosing a qualified kinesiologists and one that belongs to a professional organisation, which has its own code of standards and ethics.