Fleur Brodie

Creative Kinesiology and Me

Posted by Fleur Brodie Over 1 Year Ago

I first experienced Creative Kinesiology back in 2006, having received some excellent forms of treatment and therapy, attempting to self heal past events and experiences.

I was blown away by the magic and mystery of working with the intelligence of my own Being/Body in such a profound and deep way, being able to access areas of emotional, mental, and physical issues and traumas and finding that the body contained every single moment/memory within the cells, storing it as a library of information. This information is available through muscle testing which allows the body to 'speak'!

Certain patterns and behaviour develop often for protection or even for survival, and where they may have been useful at the time, often have no relevance or use in later life. CK is a wonderful way of accessing areas that are having profound, but often detrimental effects on our health and wellbeing and through working gently and with integrity, the body is facilitated to release and heal itself. My work may often take on ancestral influences, that may have been left within the bloodline, and therefore effecting the person in present day life.

Life-Tracking is a wonderful way of finding out what or where the blocks are in our lives that often stop us reaching our full potential, what is stopping us i.e.:-  getting a new job, promotion, relationship, moving home, finding our life purpose, moving on after a divorce/death? etc.

I have also been receiving the Teachings of the Native American Medicine Wheel for some years, and know that this very much influences my life and work in a very beneficial way.

My work is now taking me into a new area where I am part of a team of 4 in the process of opening and running a Centre for those suffering through trauma, focusing initially on those returning from war zones and their families, but also opening it to anyone who is suffering the effects of trauma in their lives.  This Centre is a community based project run as a charity for all those needing restoration, recovery and recuperation.  More information can be found on the website:-