What are Trapped Emotions and Why You Want to Release Them

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Sean Attwood

What are Trapped Emotions and Why You Want to Release Them

Posted by Sean Attwood 620 Days Ago

Life is full of positive and negative emotional experiences.  From the time we were born, and even before then, our beings experienced emotions and the energies and chemical/hormonal responses they produced.

As babies and small children, we usually process the emotion completely, even the negative ones like anger, anxiety, or guilt by crying, screaming or any other of the emotional displays we’ve all seen children having.


But what happens if we can’t get it all out?  What happens if, for one reason or another, our minds and bodies are not allowed to fully express and thereby release the emotion we’re feeling at the time? We’re told to “stop crying” or to “be quiet” when we’re expressing our emotions and this leads to a massive stifling of the energies that flow through our body.  We make holding back our default habit, always biting our tongues or meeting the world with the face it wants to see.  Does this sound familiar?


When you hold back, either consciously or because of your subconscious programming, you are blocking the energy flow in your body.  You may not remember the event, but your body does.  These are trapped emotions.


Trapped emotions build up over our lives and sometimes they even support behaviours that create more trapped emotions! As Dr. Bradley Nelson writes in his book The Emotion Code, ‘Some people are amazed to find out that their “emotional baggage” is more literal then they had imagined.’ 


But what does this mean?  What damage can these trapped emotions do to us?  Trapped emotions damage not only our emotional and mental wellbeing but can also cause physical damage to our bodies in the form of diseases resulting from chronic stress and anxiety.  Have you ever felt that:

-       You always sabotage your relationships?

-       That you repeat the same mistakes, leading to the same results over and over again?

-       No matter who you talk to, or how often you speak to a counsellor, your anxiety just won’t go away, even though you logically know that there is “no reason” to experience anxiety?

Trapped emotions can cause the above and much more.  With regards to diseases, think about all of the body’s systems that are affected by chronic stress and anxiety.  As discussed in his book The Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce Lipton shows that chronic stress increases cortisol levels and histamine levels in the body, constricting blood vessels, decreased immune response, and a host of other issues. 


By releasing trapped emotions, you are able to unblock the energy.  Remember that picture of carrying around literal emotional baggage? Releasing those trapped emotions is like putting down the bags, one by one, until you are unburdened.  Your energy begins to flow smoothly, you have more energy and, more importantly, you have eliminated at least one source of your chronic stress and anxiety (sometimes the only source).  This means you are now free fully embrace that relationship, get that promotion, attract more money and more time.  You are free to create the life you want.


Trapped emotions are emotions that were never fully released at the time they happened. As children, we learn that we need to "stop crying!" or cut off our expression in various other ways.  This continues through adolescence and into adulthood.  In fact, most of us never fully feel our emotions to completion; we always hold back or stifle ourselves a little preferring to maintain our dignity, evenness, or "stiff upper lip". 


What results is an emotional memory, stored in the body, and now almost undetectable and unrecognized. Trapped emotions are then integrated into your perception of yourself and resulting in the development of behaviours that at best, are unhelpful, and at worse limiting and detrimental to what you consciously want to achieve.


To release these emotions, we first identify the trapped emotions that are blocking a specific intention or goal using muscle-testing. Using magnets we release the emotions and clear the energy blockage.  I will then test whether the emotion has been released.   All testing is muscle testing or asking your subconscious directly to find the answers we need. 

Contact me to find out more and arrange a free consultation.  Consultations are done via Skype or alternatively we can arrange a 1 hour session via Skype or at one of my locations in London.




Sean Attwood

Article written by Sean Attwood - London

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