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Sean Attwood

What is the Subconscious and Why it Matters to You

Posted by Sean Attwood

471 Days Ago

What is the subconscious and why does it matter?

A little behind in the times, I was going to write an incredibly uplifting, you-can-do-it New Years post.  Then I stopped because I realised that there are probably more of those posts (and better written) that I could share instead. What I haven’t written about and what I let get away from me were the posts explaining further what I actually do.  More on losing your focus in later posts!

We spoke about Trapped Emotions which are a small but important part of what people experience every day that stops them from becoming who they want to be.

So what is the subconscious mind?

In a very, very general view, every person has their Conscious mind and their Subconscious mind (sometimes called unconscious, or sometimes separate from that).  Your subconscious is incredibly important.  In fact, if you have a read of the work done by Dr. Jeffrey Fannin or Dr. Bruce Lipton, they’ll tell you that your subconscious mind is responsible for about 95% of your daily life.  Put another way, you’re only conscious 5% of the time that you’re awake, driving, working, and even learning.

But why does this matter?  It matters because the subconscious is NOT conscious.  It is like a computer processor, ultra-fast, that makes automated decisions based upon its programming.  Picture driving a car and consciously singing along with a song on the radio. You’re no longer consciously driving, your subconscious mind has taken the wheel and is comfortable doing that because you have programmed it to drive and make decisions based on the data your senses are collecting.

Great, but still, what’s the problem?

Because your subconscious mind is running continuously in the background, you may not be supported in what you consciously want in terms of results.  This can affect everything in your life from relationships, weight-loss, wealth, promotions at work, social anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, nearly anything where you have a conscious goal in mind.

The reason your subconscious mind may not be supporting you is simple:  Most of your programmes were written into your mind between the ages of 0-8 years old in an effort to get you up to survival-readiness.  The catch is, who did the programming?  Everyone around you at that point; your parents, peers, family, friends, teachers, even TV and movies.  Their responses to different stimuli became your responses. 

While this is great in so many ways, if they don’t match your conscious wants and goals, they are “limiting’ your authentic expression.  There is no such thing as sabotaging beliefs, as your subconscious will never do anything to hurt you, but some beliefs can limit you.

For example, if you’ve been told (like me) that the men in your family are built such that they can either be beautifully muscled with our wide shoulders, or stocky and fat, and every one of your male relatives is stocky and fat, you have a new belief.

Beliefs continue to pile up through life as well.  Just say your 18 and the girl (or guy) that you have been in a relationship and in love with drops you and hurts you.  Your mind can recoil, and your subconscious, again to protect you, writes a new programme that you are never to get close to anyone or you will get hurt.  New programme.

So many of these programmes are running without our knowledge, looping, again and again, every time we try to consciously express our authentic self.  They’re not bad or “damaging”, they are just no longer helpful.

The good news is that they can be changed and the process is simple, quick and lasting.  PSYCH-K works directly with the subconscious programme (and verified via muscle-testing).  By incorporating whole-brain integrations, and creating new beliefs and programmes, these limiting programmes can be re-written and will become the new loop that supports you.

Contact me to arrange for a free consultation via Skype where we can discuss repeating patterns and limiting beliefs that you have identified, or where we can muscle test to discover what programmes your subconscious is running.

Sean Attwood

Article written by Sean Attwood - London

If you're reading this, it's likely that you have some patterns in your life that just keep repeating and you've no idea why with all the willpower in the world you've been unable to make those changes you desperately need.

Do you want to have freedom in your relationship with yourself?... [read more]

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