Questionnaire: basic Beliefs

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Kathy Yvanovich

Questionnaire: basic Beliefs

Posted by Kathy Yvanovich Reiki Practitioner 219 Days Ago

Which of these BASIC BELIEFS make you automatically nod "Yes" to?  Which make you feel Uncomfortable?  

Tell me the ones you feel uncomfortable with, and you could change uncomfortable beliefs to different, comfortably positive, beliefs that will last as long as your subconscious deems useful - could be a lifetime!  Check your reactions for each of these positive beliefs that you Want to be true. Feel free to write your own statements for us to work with at your sessions.

"I Believe… 

ï± I am safe and supported  

ï± I am loved, I love all of me

ï± I love my life and how it's progressing

ï± I am healthy in mind and body 

ï± I deserve to be loved unconditionally

ï± I have healthy, nurturing relationships 

ï± I am free to be happy and healthy

ï± I nurture my body in healthy and loving ways

ï± I allow the healing energy of love to flow through me now

ï± It is safe and enjoyable for me to be at my ideal physical weight

ï± I love and accept my body now and as it changes

ï± I see beauty in all the parts of my body

ï± My body heals itself, naturally and quickly

ï± I am the embodiment of Divine intelligence

ï± My body knows just what I need and I listen to it 

ï± My life matters 

ï± I am a good person 

ï± I am competent and successful

ï± I am powerful 

ï± I experience life fully 

ï± I trust myself to _______________ 

ï± I forgive myself for ____________ 

ï± I love and accept myself exactly as I am 

ï± I arrive on time for appointments 

ï± I accept what I cannot change 

ï± I let go of the need for struggle 

ï± It’s okay to make mistakes 

ï± I trust myself 

ï± It’s easy and fun for me to change 

ï± I learn new things easily. 

ï± I have the power to create my reality 

ï± There is room for me in the world 

ï± I love and approve of myself 

ï± I trust myself to make wise financial choices 

ï± I deserve to have all the money I need. It is okay for me to have more money than I need 

ï± Abundance is everywhere in my life 

ï± I deserve to be well paid for work I love, I am paid well for my wonderful work  

ï± Money flows to me easily and effortlessly 

ï± My ideal clients can afford my services 

ï± I am ready to financially thrive now 

ï± I give and receive money with love and gratitude 

ï± I am joyfully living my life purpose 

ï± It is safe for me to succeed, I release all barriers to success 

ï± My presence makes a difference in the world 

ï± I trust myself to use time wisely 

ï± I easily balance work, rest and play 

ï± My potential is unlimited, I have limitless potential  

ï± I can change the world, I am lighting up my world 

ï± I let go of the need for others to approve of me 

ï± I forgive my mother for ________________________ 

ï± I forgive my father for _________________________ 

ï± I forgive _________ for _______________________ 

ï± I’m compassionate and curious when criticism happens 

ï± I let go of the need to judge myself 

ï± I forgive myself for my imperfections, I am OK with myself just as I am  

ï± I bless and release all those who have caused me pain 

ï± I let go of the need to be right 

ï± It is safe for me to love and be loved, I am worthy of a loving, intimate relationship 

ï± I have healthy boundaries in all my relationships 

ï± I allow myself to be sensitive and compassionate in relationships, I am clear about what I want in a relationship 

ï± I am comfortable expressing my sexuality in a loving relationship 

ï± I am willing to risk loving and being loved 

ï± I am true to myself 

ï± I experience the presence of god/the divine/the creator/source within me 

ï± Miracles are a natural part of my life 

ï± I accept my life purpose 

ï± I embrace the opportunities that come with change 

ï± I allow my ultimate dreams and visions to come true 

ï± I am Divine Love 

ï± I release the past and live in the now 

ï± I trust the process of life

I am enough. 

Get in touch with me via my website and let's arrange an appointment to ignite new, better beliefs.

Kathy Yvanovich

Article written by Kathy Yvanovich - London

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