Octavian Petrescu

Some notions about sexual energy

Posted by Octavian Petrescu Physiotherapist Over 1 Year Ago

For some time now, I have noticed the lack of importance we give to what we can only define at this point as our sexual energy. Energy, as in something that connects life, makes things work, grow and so forth.

First thing I feel I should start with is that, sexual energy is first of all vital energy. Yes, when we are in full potency, be it man or woman, out vitality sores, we are exuberant, happy, energetic, attractive and courteous. When we are not in tune or we have wasted our energy, we are sick, unhappy, lonely and so forth.  That is because it is only out sexual power that draws these circumstances in our life, like a magnet. When we go out and we like someone, it is because we are attracted to that person's sexual power or energy, being manifested in a way we find good or pleasant to us. 

Yes, sexual power is life, it is what creates and procreates, it is the source of everything and we would not be having this discussion if it were not so.

And if it is so important, than why are we ashamed of it, hide it under the rug, waste it carelessly and so forth. Personally, I think it has to do with the way we have been misunderstanding it. 

Sexual energy is important in both single life and coupled life. If you are single, it is important you are fit, healthy, have good focus and confidence. If you are coupled, well, we all know how complicated it can get if sexual life is unsatisfactory. So I would say it requires quite a bit of attention since it can make our coupled life heaven or hell. 

There are many ways in which we waste our sexual energy carelessly and stress or excessive effort are just some of them. But what is more important, is probably the fact that we have no idea of how to cultivate and develop it. There are many ways in which we can develop, cultivate strengthen or recover our sexual energy which can make, especially coupled life, harmonious and exciting forever. Not to mention having a stable mind, confidence, mental health, balance, and a general good mood that few people understand. And all of this with just the proper exercise and understanding.

So why wait? Let me show you how to get your full sexual and vital power back, so you can redeem what is rightfully yours.