Graham Stevenson Sex Therapy

Graham Stevenson
Sex Therapist in Cadeleigh

I work online with both couples and individuals. Please visit my website for more details.
Many couples experience relationship difficulties of which sex can be a major component. It is the subject that holds the most shame and pain for many people. Finding the time and a safe space to gently explore it together can be difficult.
I can help provide that space without judgement or preference for either partner. I believe in relationships and how wonderful they can be as well as knowing how challenging they can be too.
My aim is to listen and allow each party to be heard and then work towards mutually agreed goals. I will help to unpack the issues without shame or blame and work towards building hope in a new vision.
I can help you acquire the skills to avoid the same old pitfalls and begin to see your differences as a gift rather than a problem. Life together then becomes an opportunity for growth, maturity and greater intimacy.

Sex and Relationships are a minefield for many people and repeated failures can be disheartening. If you've recognised a pattern in your life or have suffered some trauma then I can help you to find a way to resolve the issue and deal with the pain.
If your partner does not want to work with you then I can help you with ways in which you can grow and positively benefit your relationship.
I have found that whenever difficulties are overcome and clients connect with their unique strengths and talents they find renewed hope and optimism for the future.

Background & Sex Therapy Qualifications

I have a Doctorate in Human Sexuality from the Institute of Advanced Studies in Human Sexuality.
Prior to this I studied the professional programme to become a certified Clinical Sexologist and certified Sex Coach through the World Association of Sex Coaches (WASC).

Further Training with:
Sexual Attitudes Readjustment (SAR)
Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent and Foundations of Facilitation
Advanced Sexological Personal Exploration Experience (ASPEX)
Terry Real of the Relational Life Institute
Esther Perel's Rekindling Desire
Thomas Huebl's Conscious Healing course

I am an accredited member of both the Association of Integrative and Somatic Sexologists (ASIS) and the World Association of Sec Coaches (WASC)

I have professional insurance cover.

My Specialisms

I specialise in dealing with sexual issues that come up in relationships such as:
• Sexless relationships or reduced sexual connection
• Conflicts due to differences in desire
• Conflicting values about monogamy/affairs
• Performance skills issues
• Body image issues (dysphoria)
• Communication style conflicts
• Not knowing what I want
• Negative touch experiences/anxieties

My work with individuals is usually around:
• No or low sexual desire
• Orgasm issues such as delayed, too early or unable to orgasm
• Inhibitions about sex
• Body image issues (dysphoria)
• Social/dating skills deficit
• Desire for more pleasure
• Sexual trauma
• Issues with pornography
• Pain during sex

Approach to Sex Therapy & How I Work

I offer an initial complementary conversation to make sure we fit well and to explore expectations.
A short intake form helps me to get some background information so that I can get to work before we meet.
When we meet we will talk about your situation more, explore your goals and decide on a way to get there.
I like to give ‘home work' (although it is more like play), as my aim is to get positive movement as soon as possible. This will help build hope and confidence and a winning mentality. Your own mindset is one of the most powerful factors in achieving your goals.
I also use feedback forms from time to time to keep me aware of any other influences that can help make the experience more positive for you.
I am deliberately eclectic in my approach to try and find the most suitable solution for your situation.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Sex Therapy In Person Please Call
Sex Therapy Online/Telephone Please Call
Relationship Therapy In Person Please Call
Relationship Therapy Online/Telephone Please Call

Additional Rate Information

Special Packages: Individuals £425 for 5 sessions; £130 for a single session. Couples £500 for 5 sessions; £175 for a single session. For further information please contact me on 07933 709169 or email me on