When will Coronaphobia be accepted into the dictionary?

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Cynthia Rao

When will Coronaphobia be accepted into the dictionary?

Posted by Cynthia Rao 347 Days Ago

I was watching the TV earlier this week and a professor being interviewed made reference to the phrase, Coronaphobia. He himself said that he had just made the word up. But I think he realised, as I did that he was onto something.

I have been concerned since the start of lockdown about vulnerable women in particular, and what being 'stuck at home' might mean for their mental wellbeing. Domestic violence stemming from dysfunctional relationships is the often cited, extreme end of the spectrum. But there will be many more women struggling day-to-day with issues including:

  • Too many people in too small a space
  • The burden of managing the household, coupled with homeschooling
  • Concern for other family members outside their immediate household
  • Health concerns of their own
  • Uncertainty over jobs and income
  • What the future holds generally

An ease of lockdown does not bring with it an easing of anxiety. The virus has not gone away, a vaccine is just a dream at the moment and the impact of the impending recession is yet to bite. I do not wish to cast an overly down beat tone, but we need to be realistic about the future. Mental fragility is on the increase and my belief is that women will be taking more of that excess 'weight' on their shoulders.

As a Counsellor, like many others, we know we have the tools to help women who maybe experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression as a consequence of Coronavirus. Many of us are choosing not to return immediately to our consulting rooms for face-to-face counselling. Speaking personally, one of the reasons for this is the effectiveness of online (Zoom) counselling. A lot of people from Covent Garden and London Bridge areas are finding me online and asking about sessions done this way and how effective they are.

I specialise in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and tapping. Online is a very effective way to teach and practice these techniques. Even I have been surprised by the degree of connection and empathy I have achieved with clients. For people that have had their resiliance shaken by Coronavirus, EFT can provide an opportunity to ground oneself and to not get overwhelmed by the idea of facing an anxious situation. This might be as rudimentary as being able to 'face the world' again after three months of lockdown. Learning how to tap on the meridians helps to see a bigger picture, much like removing blinkers and to better prepare for what lies ahead. This is a very relevant technique in the current climate and one I would encourage people, especially women, to consider.

Cynthia Rao is a specialist counsellor in EFT (tapping) and Matrix Reimprinting. She works with clients across London and now with her virtual counselling service, geography is not a barrier to providing the help people need. For further details and for information about costs email call: 0794 7071908 or visit: 

Cynthia Rao

Article written by Cynthia Rao - London

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I was doing online and telephone counselling pre-pandemic, and this has become more popular and it is very effective.

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