Experience Your Energy Field - Free Yourself from Fears and Limitations.

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Debbie Winstanley

Experience Your Energy Field - Free Yourself from Fears and Limitations.

Posted by Debbie Winstanley 1608 Days Ago

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also known as “Tapping”, is a form of energy psychology. It can be described as Acupuncture without needles – therefore is non-invasive.

Our bodies are made up of energy pathways (meridians), much like the nervous system. These pathways channel information throughout the physical body. There needs to be a clear and even flow of these invisible energies, because if disturbed, disease or emotional problems may result.

Our thoughts and emotions cause specific reactions in our brain, making neurons fire in ways relative to those particular thoughts or emotions. If we were only ever to feel calm and peaceful, then our energies would be flowing smoothly. Life often doesn't work out like that however, and there are many environmental stimuli that can trigger a painful memory or upsetting thought. These may be pleasant, such as the smell of a particular flower, or unpleasant, such as the sound of a siren.

EFT enables us to shift these energies when necessary and remove any blockages that have formed. By gently tapping on and stimulating a sequence of meridian points on the body (mainly face and hands) whilst simultaneously thinking or just holding a thought, of the unwanted reaction or problem, we can re-balance and stabilize the disruption that has occurred. EFT is also effective in generating improvements in wanted skills or behaviours. Such as reaching your optimal efficiency in a particular sport or keeping mentally focused and calm during an exam..

Public demand for and interest in EFT is growing; and as none of us are immune to the impact of our emotions, it is reassuring to know that EFT can never be taken away from us.

Debbie Winstanley Bsc(Hons) Psychology, MBSCH

Qualified EFT Practitioner – 01424 460096