Anxiety, Panic & Claustrophobia: Case Study, Alison

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Diane Oxborough

Anxiety, Panic & Claustrophobia: Case Study, Alison

Posted by Diane Oxborough 950 Days Ago

Alison - A bright 30-something in a happy relationship, gorgeous kids, nice house, and a successful career.  When she told her employer how much stress she was experiencing, and the impact it was having on her performance, they referred her to me

Alison was clearly experiencing severe anxiety, and also had claustrophobia.  When faced with the triggers she felt light-headed, dizzy, nauseous, and was afraid that something terrible was going to happen to her.  Alison said, “I was feeling very anxious, depressed and had massive issues with claustrophobia.  I was unable to go into any building if I couldn’t see the exit, and unable to go up or down more than one flight of stairs anywhere.”

Her daily life had become a serious challenge.  She’d avoided all kinds of situations for the previous 18 months.  By the time she came to see me she was also suffering from exhaustion and hadn’t had a decent night’s sleep in a long time.  Things had got worse and worse, and Alison felt out of control.

Alison completed a detailed questionnaire before beginning her sessions with me. 

In the initial session we used EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  When I use EFT I always employ NLP approaches, and find it really enhances the effectiveness and speed with which EFT works.  Over the course of 3 sessions (of 2 hours each), we addressed the triggers and identified the experiences that had led to the issues she was having.  We also used Time Line Therapy to disconnect the emotion from its root.  I also taught Alison a few ‘quick-fix-techniques’ so she was able to take control and affect her own change between sessions.

After just 2 sessions, Alison’s anxiety had completely disappeared.  She emailed saying, “I took the kids to the pantomime and we parked in a multi-storey car park.  We used the lift to go down to pavement level and to go back up to our level! I couldn’t believe I’d done it - no fear, no panic, no stress – I felt excited and really proud of myself.  It feels sooooo good!”

After her third and final session she reported, “I am now able to realise any plans I make with the kids, I am more confident at work, and I feel really in control of my life. I can’t believe how much of a difference these sessions have made to me”.   

Diane Oxborough works with people who want to overcome unwanted ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.  Her clients are individuals who want to move forward and bring about significant, positive change.  Diane is a Registered Senior Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of NLP and Time Line Therapy™, Practitioner of EFT, and a Certified NLP and Life Coach.  With over 20 years experience of developing and empowering individuals to transform their lives, Diane has been running successful private practices in Derbyshire since 2004.  Most clients now come to her by recommendation.