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back pain

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Back Pain

Lower back pain… shoulder pain… slipped disc … herniated disc … arthritis in the back ….tense …knots ….post injury… rehabilitation…



I have many clients who come in to see me with various problems that relate to the back that can cause discomfort, restless nights, difficulty in sleeping, sitting walking.


Is back pain  a modern epidemic?


Many of us at one time are other have suffered from back pain as a one off or continuously for a short and even for a long length of time


Research is now pointing more to our lifestyle of sitting at work, sitting as we travel. With the onset of technology, computers, laptops, mobile phones that all have an effect on our posture, it appears to be any contributor that reduces mobility, and linked to how we handle our bodies in a correct way and stress. Also we cannot ignore our diets, we need to look at the foods we consume, as refined foods and anti-inflammatory foods.


What are our understandings of Back Pain?


There has been various research and theories on back pain. Back pain can be seen as progressive.. The problem within the back can be present for some time before we can become aware that the pain exists. We are only aware of the problem when we feel the pain.


Pain is one why in which our bodies communicate to us that something is wrong and it is normally recommended that we should first seek medical advice.


What can we do to help support our backs?


We can develop our awareness of how we carry and use our bodies during day to day activities. In order to maintain our muscle balance, this works hand in hand with body posture


When looking at our diets, to include more fruit and vegetables, fish, herbals teas such as green teas and drink. I would include water, purified water. 

Why massage?


Research has found there are certain benefits to massage, such as to:


      Reduces back pain

      Reduces stress

      Improves range of motion

      Improves sleep

      Beneficial for muscle injury

      Speeds up healing

      Helps increase circulation

      Improves depression


      Increases endorphins- improves mood



Voucher for Hot Stone back massage, advanced clinical back and neck massage.



Maureen Anderson-Smith

Article written by Maureen Anderson-Smith - Manchester

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