Alex Proudfoot Biofeedback

Alex Proudfoot
Biofeedback Practitioner in Manchester

I offer three practices for well-being, CBT Therapy, Buteyko, & Alexander Technique.
Training since 2011, in 2019 I qualified in CBT and Hypno-Therapy. This has shown me that we can continue to develop both heart and mind throughout life. We can become better at making life choices that are right for us.

When first exposed 1980 to the principles of the Alexander Technique (AT), I quickly appreciated the range of application of the technique. In the first weeks of learning I applied them to my ordinary activities such as walking and cycling to college. I realised this was a new way of living-in-ease and resolved to train to become a teacher of this revolutionary technique. I qualified in 1987.

Finding greater ease with breathing by using the Buteyko Method, in 2006 I qualified as a Buteyko teacher and now provide skills and knowledge to individuals.

Background & Biofeedback Qualifications

In 2012 I obtained a Foundation Certificate in Humanistic and Integrative Counselling. I have been providing counselling and therapy since October 2012 (BACP Individual Member, No731535) and qualified in Advanced Integrative CBT/REBT with the College of Cognitive Behaviour Therapies in July 2019. I have worked for the SWAN Project in Bristol for three years, Turning Point in Trowbridge for a year and Anxiety UK from my practice room for 2.5 years. I worked two years at Arts of Change, Dudley, with children and adults. I continue to work in Private Practice and the NHS, working with clients experiencing anxiety related conditions, depression, anger, jealousy, and those who have experienced trauma.

I have a background in music, obtaining a BA in music performance from the RSAMD in 1984. I play violin, viola, and double-bass on a semi-professional basis.

Upon finishing my Alexander Technique training in 1987 (MSTAT) from the Haar school ATTC, South Devon, I have continued my private practice and assist once a week at the Manchester Alexander Technique Training School.

As well as bodywork with the Alexander Technique, I qualified in the Buteyko Method in 2006 (MBBA), training individuals (from age 8 to 88!) to breathe more easily. This is for those with asthma, COPD, panic attacks, and long COVID.

My Specialisms

I offer short-term CBT Therapy and Hypnotherapy. Find me at either via webcam or face-to-face
I also offer Eye Movement Integration that is face-to-face work over two hours to support the integration of trauma experience.

The Alexander Technique is a generic method. Once you master the basic technique, you can adapt to your needs and lifestyle. Working with simple activities such as walking, sitting and lying down, I use words and my hands gently to guide you towards better co-ordination and alignment, while introducing the Alexander principles in interesting and practical ways. When you have become more familiar with the process, you can go on to apply the Technique to improve everyday activities such as writing, working at a computer, driving, bending and lifting. You then can transfer your understanding to more specialised tasks such as playing a musical instrument (my specialism), sports, public speaking - almost anything.

The Buteyko Method is a breathing technique to manage the symptoms of Asthma, COPD, panic attacks, and long COVID.

Approach to Biofeedback & How I Work

In Private Practice I provide a safe space for you receive support in a specific area of your life. Our work is confidential within the limits of law. We can explore together the issue you wish to find balance in.

I find the AT informs all my activities and teaching it to my students brings a great joy in the shared exploration of body/mind use. I share AT work also with the local teachers in the area, as I value sharing knowledge and experience.

I offer a basic course of Introduction plus six weekly lessons. You can opt for further learning lesson by lesson, or with a reduction of fee in blocks of ten or twenty.
With Buteyko these skills are learned by you over a course of five sessions lasting between 45 minutes to an hour. Children receive shorter sessions and the fee is reduced.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Alexander Technique In Person £43 per 40 minutes
Hypnotherapy In Person £120 per 120 minutes
Counselling In Person £60 per 50 minutes
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy In Person £60 per 50 minutes
EMDR In Person £120 per 120 minutes
Biofeedback In Person £15 per 30 minutes
Integral Eye Movement Therapy In Person £120 per 120 minutes

Additional Rate Information

For all therapies, I offer a tiered fee structure, so the rate quoted is the standard fee. Reduced fees apply for those with household income less than: £25k £50, £20k £40, £18k £35, £15k £30 and so on. This enables most people to access support when they need it. Children, Young People, students £40 I have taught Alexander Technique since 1987, to individuals, pairs, and groups. I am a STAT member. I have taught Buteyko Method since 2006, to individuals. A block of five sessions is £200. I am a BBA member. I work as advanced CBT/REBT Integrative therapist. I offer short-term individual therapy for 8-12 sessions. I have NCS accred registrant status and am a BACP individual member.