Dave Costello

Dave Costello

Energy Medicine Practitioner in Bristol

I have been working as a complimentary therapist since 2004, and have trained in CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY, ADVANCED REIKI and in EDEN ENERGY MEDICINE. These powerful therapies have proven to give excellent results to a wide variety of physical and psychological conditions.

I have a background as an Occupational Therapist, and worked in NHS Mental Health services for some years, first qualifying in 1990. This has given me a solid professional foundation and considerable experience in working with clients of all ages and backgrounds. I have always had a passion for natural medicine, and a desire to find out the tools that work best!

You will be guaranteed to be treated with dignity, respect and understanding, whatever your condition or issue. It takes great courage for many people to take the decision to seek help. I bring gentleness, compassion and good humour to the work we do together, and see healing work as a partnership.

You can find more information at my website:

I currently work from my home treatment room in BRISTOL, just south of the city centre.

Background & Qualifications

Dip COT - Diploma in Occupational Therapy

DCHyp; ACertCSHyp - Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Advanced Certificate in Clinical and Strategic Hypnosis
GQHP - member of General Hypnotherapy Register
CNHC Member

Degree in Advanced Reiki (Level 3 Masters Training with William Lee Rand)

Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP) in Eden Energy Medicine ( Two Year Training with Innersource ) and then completed my third year to gain Advanced Practitioner status.

My Specialisms

Increasingly I call myself an Integrative Therapist, since i find that clients don't come to me seeking specific tools, they actually come seeking SOLUTIONS. In the same way that I take my car to a garage, I don't really mind what diagnostic equipment or which sized wrenches the mechanic uses, as long as he is a qualified and proficient mechanic, and he can get my car back up and running!

Many people have yet to learn of and properly understand Energy Medicine. I have trained to Certified Practitioner level in Eden Energy Medicine, one of the most comprehensive trainings in this field. EEM has taught me how to track the body's energies, in order to determine where there might be energetic imbalances that are the underlying cause of illness, what ever the symptoms that are showing up for that individual. These imbalances could be in any one of the nine energy systems of the human body. Common ones you may have heard of include the Meridians, the Chakras and the Auric field. However, less well known ones include the Radiant Circuits, which profoundly influence our capacity to experience radiant health and joy, and the Celtic Weave, which energetically holds all our systems together, and which can help protect us from environmental toxins and imbalances.

I have found that a combination of my primary skills of Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Energy Medicine can be most effective for more complex issues. Having said that, many people also come for a specific approach to an issue.


Anxiety, Stress, Adrenal Overload and Fatigue
Shock and Overwhelm
PTSD (trained in EMDR Techniques)
Chronic Pain
Habit Change - Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation
Trained in Hypnoband 'Gastric Band'
Fears and Phobias

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

I trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy, with the BST Foundation. Having been personally helped over 8 years ago to stop smoking using hypnotherapy I was convinced of its value and effectiveness. Hypnotherapy allows access to the unconscious mind, the place where real change happens. Talking therapies can be effective too, but they often take longer, and the conscious mind may gain insight into a specific fear or response, but that doesn't guarantee change.

BST stands for 'brief strategic therapy'. This means that our sessions have a clear focused outcome, and a course of treatment is seldom longer than 3-6 sessions maximum. In addition to offering the actual hypnotherapy, I draw upon a wealth of educational knowledge that will be helpful for your conscious mind to maximise its motivation to change unwanted or out-dated behaviours.

I find that REIKI is always working with me, regardless of the treatment medium I am overtly using. It will bring added power to any other therapy, and I find it works surprisingly well to augment the power of a hypnotherapy session! REIKI is of course a stand alone therapy in itself, and I dearly value the peace of mind and level of wellness it has helped provide me with - I never tire of offering REIKI Treatments to others.

EDEN ENERGY MEDICINE is perhaps the most amazing therapy and system I have trained in. Energy Medicine is a way of accessing the non-physical part of our human experience, which underpins our physical body. in keeping with the maxim 'As above, so below' (Hermes, 800BC), just as there are physical organ systems (the nervous system, the respiratory system, the digestive system etc) which communicate and interact together to make a whole system, so too there are many ENERGY Systems which interact together to underpin our physical, emotional and spiritual health and well being. Commonly known energy systems are the MERIDIANS, the CHAKRAS, and the AURA. Donna Eden has identified NINE energy systems in total, and through a process called Energy Tracking, the practitioner is able to discern and assess the relative quality of how each system is operating, and thereby bring balance, flow and harmony to the individual. Once the energies are moving in a more balanced and harmonious way, the person will begin to experience better physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. I teach clients ways of helping to try to keep their energies flowing well and in balance, by helping them to learn the Daily Energy Routine, a simple set of exercises that anyone can find time to do.

I also run 'study groups' in Eden Energy Medicine - please see my website for current information on whether there is a study group running near you!

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Hypnotherapy In Person Please Call
Reiki In Person Please Call
Energy Medicine In Person Please Call

Additional Rate Information

The standard rate for treatment sessions is £65-00, with typical sessions being 90 minutes duration. However, I am also willing to consider reduced rates for those in limited financial circumstances. Please contact me to discuss options.


Peter S. on 24/05/2015

"Hi Dave,
A big thank you .
For helping me to stop smoking.I have tried patches,tablets,acupuncture,Hypnotherapy [at least 4 times with different practitioners ] in fact everything before with no results. Just 1 session with you and I stopped instantly.For a 20 a day smoker who has been smoking for 50 years i am amazed [ its now been 7 months and not even 1 cigarette ] ..Since then you have helped me deal with my fear of authoritative figures [by going back to my childhood],Fear of failure - boosted my self confidence no end and made me a much happier and contented person You are truly amazing. I cannot thank you enough for changing my life. Yours

Lita-Helen Almond on 24/05/2015

"Dave Costello is an excellent Therapist. Whether you need help coping with depression, coping with pain, giving up smoking, losing weight or getting back to work after illness he is the person to go to. He offers a great range of therapies, face to face or telephone consultations and will work with you to find the best therapy for your personal circumstance.

From my experience I have been seeing Dave for the past 6 years and have regular monthly Reiki, Eden Energy Medicine and Flower essence which help me with sleeping problems and pain relief from severe osteoarthritis. He has also given me lots tools that I can use to help in my everyday life which also aided my recovery to get back to work after 8 months off.

I would highly recommend Dave to anyone looking for a therapist. I have found Dave not only to have over 20 years experience and taken on full training in all the therapies he offers but more importantly is the kind, gentle and respectful way in which he has treated me. He makes you feel comfortable from the moment you meet him and this makes it easy to relax and open up.


Becky on 24/05/2015

"Dave is a great therapist with a warm and intuitive practice, who has drawn on his breadth and depth of knowledge, skills and experience to help me to feel so much better and is giving me tools and confidence for a healthier future.

Thank you Dave


Glenis on 24/05/2015

"Dave has been my therapist for almost a year. During this time he has created a very safe and healing environment. He is a highly skilled, caring and experienced practitioner. He is very warm and approachable. I recommend his excellent therapeutic services. Why not contact him now."

Ruth Davis on 24/05/2015

"I can highly recommend Dave as a therapist who listens to his clients needs and makes careful assessment of which therapies would most benefit the individual. I have been lucky to find such a person to adapt treatments to my needs, ensuring both comfort and support.
Reiki with Dave has helped me through difficult times of stress and depression. He has combined this with Energy Medicine to address some of my physical problems. Every session makes me feel balanced and peaceful. Can't ask for more than that!"

AJ on 13/07/2017

"I had hypnosis for nerves for a practical exam as I suffered from performance anxiety and blushing. On the day I felt very calm (compared to before). I didn't panic or have a mind blank or have any issues with blushing either. It didn't even enter my head that those previous issues would be a problem. I knew that hypnotherapy would be helpful, but sessions with David have proved to be more than I could have hoped for. "