Flower Essences Therapy

Flower essences are herbal infusions made by immersing fully-blooming flowers in spring water and placing this in sunlight.

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Gwenda Kyd

Gwenda Kyd - Flower Essences Therapist

I work with Bach Flower Remedies to help clients make the most of their lives.

Flower Essences Therapy
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Cheryl Peavoy - Flower Essences Therapist

I help adults and children with mental, emotional and physical pain and illness to get well, heal and improve their health through the use of individualised natural medicine called Homeopathy so they can live a more joyful, healthy, fulfilling life, with a stronger immune system, more resilience, less illness, greater sense... [read more]

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Flower Essences Therapy
Herbal Medicine
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Jeremy Griffiths

Jeremy Griffiths - Flower Essences Therapist

Jeremy M. Griffiths BA, DBTh, MIRCH

I have been fascinated by the natural world since early childhood. By the 1980s I began applying herbs to resolve my own ailments. This set me on a journey of discovery that lead me to realise that the... [read more]

Flower Essences Therapy
Herbal Medicine
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Walter Willies D.Litt, DIHOM

Walter Willies D.litt, Dihom - Flower Essences Therapist

Welcome to The Waterman Practice! My interest in complementary medicine grew out of an academic background and career, as I became involved with what actually makes and keeps the body healthy. While I experienced a general sense of satisfaction with intellectual discipline, sensitivity to the body's communicative signals became increasingly important... [read more]

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Flower Essences Therapy
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Cat Anderson

Cat Anderson - Flower Essences Therapist

As a child I spent a great deal of time in the forest, playing, exploring, learning, making potions from flowers from our neighbour's gardens (Sorry neighbours!). 

Early experiences sparked an interest in medicine and healing in me at a young age. In the late 80's I gained a clinical degree in biochemistry... [read more]

Flower Essences Therapy
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Lily Ayre

Lily Ayre - Flower Essences Therapist

I facilitate a nurturing and courageous space for you to rekindle a profound connection with your inner soul-self and the land you inhabit. Our work together unfolds through the art of Energy Alchemy, to reconnect you with the well of love, wisdom, and wellbeing within. This holistic approach draws upon a... [read more]

Energy Medicine
Flower Essences Therapy
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Jane  Ray

Jane  Ray - Flower Essences Therapist

I am a fully qualified Homeopath insured & registered as a full member of the Society of Homeopaths. I studied and practice both Classical & Practical homeopathy & I also use Bach Flower essences in combination with homeopathy if appropriate. I enjoy treating adults & children of all... [read more]

Flower Essences Therapy
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Chandra Turtle

Chandra Turtle - Flower Essences Therapist

Chandra Turtle
Bsc (hons) Hom LCHE RSHOM

All sorts of things affect our health. Stress, Grief, Emotional upheaval and other external factors like Pollution, Toxicity and Drugs to mention just a few. This means that sometimes we have to work a little harder to restore and maintain our Well -being if it is... [read more]

Flower Essences Therapy
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Juliet Ablett

Juliet Ablett - Flower Essences Therapist

I love to work with adults and children around issues of health, which I have been doing for many years. I have used homeopathy extensively for myself, my family and animals.
It is a safe, natural and holistic approach to health care. Good health is fundamental to our lives and being... [read more]

Flower Essences Therapy
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Lisa Kossuth

Lisa Kossuth - Flower Essences Therapist

Lisa is a professional Bowen therapist and resilience coach based in Northiam, Nr Rye, East Sussex.

I was in my 20's when I started experiencing constant back, neck and shoulder pain as well as brain fog and extreme fatigue, which turned out to be Fibromyalgia. My journey to recovery began with using... [read more]

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Flower Essences Therapy
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Flower essences are herbal infusions made by immersing fully-blooming flowers in spring water and placing this in sunlight.

The original and most well known flower essences were created by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s, although many other remedies are also available each with its own unique healing and restorative properties. Flower essence therapy uses flower essences to treat underlying mental, emotional and spiritual problems that may manifest themselves as physical conditions. The therapist will assess your condition before choosing an appropriate essence and these are administered orally or through other methods, such as misting sprayers, in a cream base or as bath salts.