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Jeremy Griffiths
Herbal Medicine Practitioner in Upton Upon Severn

Jeremy M. Griffiths BA, DBTh, MIRCH

I have been fascinated by the natural world since early childhood. By the 1980s I began applying herbs to resolve my own ailments. This set me on a journey of discovery that lead me to realise that the dis~ease, rather than the disease (which in itself is only a symptom of the deeper problem) is the starting point of all treatment. Treating the person, through an exploration of dietary, lifestyle, emotional and spiritual concerns, and removing any obsticles, is the best route back to health.
I have come to realise that well being is more than just an abscence of symptoms, and sufficient time must be given to really understand the individual needs. On this basis, treatments are unique to the individual as the route that brought them to my door is also unique.
With this understanding I have faced a wide range of symptoms, working with the individual to fascilitate improvement and/or resolution of the condition.
To be equiped with the skills, intuition and understanding that brings about dramatic change in the quality of someone's life is a massive privilage and greatly fullfilling.

Health and Happiness
The Green Man (Jeremy)


Background & Herbal Medicine Qualifications

Jeremy M. Griffiths BA, DBTh, MIRCH

After years of study with the British based IRCH (International Register of Consultant Herbalists and Homoeopaths) I graduated as a medical herbalist. I have been practising professionally since 2003 and have also given presentations and conducted herb walks for herbalist students, my professional peers and the public alike, as well as tutoring final year herbalist students. I am a regular contributor of articles to The Journal of Natural Medicine.
I take a holistic approach to the development and application of herbal remedies…..Seeing herbs as more than their biochemical constituents, but as embodying their own nature and temperament

My Specialisms

Herbal Medicine and Bach Flower Remedies (also some other flower remedies).

Approach to Herbal Medicine & How I Work

The Green Man Herbal Apothecary is based on the old Apothecary shop, where the individual may consult with me and gain access to remedies for both acute and chronic conditions.


The strength of my approach lies in taking the time to fully listen to your case.

Chronic conditions are treated through consultation and a holistic approach that takes into consideration the factors that make up the human condition such as diet, lifestyle and emotional blocks. I acknowledge dis-ease as an individual expression that is best treated by balancing those aspects and resolving the underlying cause, rather than merely suppressing symptoms.
Remedies for acute conditions may also be accessed through me after a brief consultation. These are available during my Drop In hours.

. A large part of the treatment is achieved through the application from a range of about 120, mostly western, herbs, taking into consideration not only their biochemical constituents, but also their nature, temperament and character in respect of the individual patient.

Herbs are administered in the form of tinctures, capsules, creams, ointments, syrups and dried herbal mixtures for infusions or decoctions.

Bach Flower Remedies are also employed where unresolved emotional states impede recovery.

An initial consultation takes up to around 2 hours. Subsequent consultations are about an hour.
The depth and severity of the condition will determine the length of treatment, as will age, compliance and the individual constitution.

Drop In Days

During my Drop In hours I am available for advice and to consult and access remedies for acute conditions. These products include creams, ointments, balms, capsules, syrups, individual and blended herb teas and baths. I am also availabe to make a consultation appointment for more chronic conditions.

There is also a large selection of loose herbs availabe to purchase.....

These days, many people are turning to Bach Flower Remedies to restore emotional balance. However, where there is a need to combine multiple remedies the cost to purchase the individual mother tinctures can seem daunting given that you may never need these remedies again within their given shelf-life. For this reason I am happy to mix Bach Flower Remedies to your individual need, thus saving you excessive expense and waste.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Herbal Medicine In Person £60 per 120 minutes
Flower Essences Therapy In Person Please Call

Additional Rate Information

First Consultations last up to two hours and are charged by the consultation rather than by the hour, at a rate of £60. Subsequent follow-up consultations are up to an hour and are charged at £35 pounds. Bach Therapy, where applicable is part of the overal treatment and the remedies are £9.50 per mixed 30ml bottle. Herbal tinctures are £19 pounds per 200ml bottle and priced accordingly if you need smaller or larger amounts. Any other needs are charged respectively (eg capsules, creams, teas etc) and it is best to look on my Website for more detail. New New for 2014.....Consultations via Skype! I am now offering consultations via Skype. Please contact me for more information or if you would like to make an appointment. Standard Fees (Prices as of 1st September, 2017. until further notice....Please check The Green Man's Herbal Basket for details of Gift Vouchers for Services and Treatment) Initial Consultation (up to 2 hours) £60.00 Follow-Up Consultations (up to 1 hour) £35.00 Herbal Medicines Tincture (per 200 ml bottle) £19.00 Mixed Dried Herbs (2 week amount) £19.00 Single Herbs (individually priced) Individually priced mixed herbs start from £1.85 Bach Flower Remedies 30ml bottle £9.50 Capsules per 60 £9.00 Capsules acute pre-blended (individually priced) Creams/Ointments (30ml -120ml) £4.95 - £18.23 Syrups 100ml (individually priced)


Elizabeth Sears on 27/02/2019

"I cannot recommend Jeremy highly enough. I started working with him following a car accident in early 2018.

I always thought of myself as a highly self-aware and analytical person, and thus when I became ill following the car accident and my persisting symptoms were not sympathised with by my GP beyond telling me to, each time I went for help, 'rest as much as you think you need to' and 'come back in a couple of weeks' I was at a loss as to what I was failing to know about myself or do in order to heal.

Jeremy's consultation style as well as his knowledge of herbalism have been a revelation for me. I am certain that without his help I would not have been able to unlock my body intelligence and enable myself to heal and be empowered to not only heal from the acute pain caused by the accident, but also bring to light much older issues that were still living within me and underscoring my unconscious behaviours, persisting in causing me emotional and psychological grief and thus also periodically very disruptive physical manifestations of these.

As I write this I have a health of mind, body and spirit that I literally could not conceive of before, and a huge part of achieving that is because of Jeremy's guidance, talk therapy and techniques he taught me for improving my mental health, tincture formulation and knowledge of bach remedies.

Thank you so much Jeremy!"

Marina on 27/02/2019

"I consulted Jeremy for treatment over several months and found him to be very skilful and pleasant. I have every faith in his abilities."

Cakre on 27/02/2019

"We are waiting for the therapist to complete this information."

Sue Potter on 17/09/2019

"Mr. Griffiths takes a very holistic approach to treating people. He gives clear explanations as to how the mind and general demeanour can have adverse effects on health and how mind and body are linked when it comes to overall wellbeing.

He gives clear explanations of how the therapies will work and what to expect. I benefitted greatly from his treatments and would recommend him to anyone."

Nicola Davey on 19/09/2019

"I discovered Jeremy about 2.5yrs ago and i am so pleased that i did, as not only has he changed my health around but he has taught me to think of my ailment in a completely different way, which i am convinced has helped me overcome it.

I considered myself of suffering from IBS and it had gotten to the point that i was unable to leave my home for days at a time. In a nutshell, it took control of my life and became almost debilitating. I had been to the doctors and were told there was nothing they could do for me but that i was look at my diet and take over the counter preparations (which only masked the problem).

Jeremy taught me to not label myself but to look at my emotional well being as part of my healing process. It certainly has been quite a journey and i accepted that there would be setbacks throughout, but i realised that i was always progressing in the right direction. He looks at tackling the cause by going back to the beginning and not just focusing on the symptoms. It is an interesting and sensible approach of looking at ill health, because all problems have a beginning and that is the trigger.

Jeremy is patient and explains what is happening to your body throughout treatment. It has been a total eye opener for me. I consider myself to be open minded and embrace new ways of thinking, which certainly aided my transition to better health.
His tinctures are pleasant tasting and with commitment and perseverance i am pleased to say that i have overcome my situation (no labels :-)) and i now live a more carefree life.

Thanks goes out to Jeremy, whom i couldn't recommend enough."

RJR on 05/03/2020

"I was suffering from a sudden very itchy 'heat rash' on my arms, sometimes when carrying anything plastic, but otherwise with no explanation. Being interested in herbal remedies I consulted Jeremy, and became very interested in his teaching that an outward condition reflects what is wrong internally - and this needs to be treated by other means rather than the usual GP prescriptions which may only relieve what is external. With what he prescribed the 'rash' has not recurred and other benefits have accrued.

A broken bone and other illnesses will always need the doctor or hospital, but we should always consider the knowledge of what worked for our ancestors and explore other ways of treating ourselves.


Mandy on 03/06/2021

"I was told about ‘The Green Man' (Jeremy) by a friend. She said, he has transformed her life.
The Initial consultation I felt apprehensive and unsure what to expect. At that time, I was feeling frustrated that my body was letting me down and that mainstream medicine was only treating my symptoms. I was feeling emotional and quite helpless. I felt I was in a downwards spiral.
My first consultation with Jeremy I felt listened to and importantly heard. My presenting symptoms were, blocked up nose, ears and chest. Asthma! I also have Thyroid issues. Last year my latest blood tests came back hypothyroid. Emotionally I felt flat and thinking back, totally fed up.
Over the months Jeremy gave me homework to do! Focusing on looking inwards at my emotions and re-evaluating my lifestyle and diet. He prescribed tinctures and Bach Flower Remedies. I also had a tea to help clear my lungs.
With Jeremy's help I came to realise some of unresolved emotional issues I had been pushing away rather than dealing with. Jeremy has a holistic approach utilising his knowledge as a medical herbalist and his ability to read and pick up on the spoken and the unspoken. Jeremy is non-judge mental; he is skillful at explaining, exploring, and encouraging on the journey back to health.
I have been attending consultations for 5 months. My latest thyroid bloods came back near normal. My blocked ears,nose and chest are clear. I feel I have left my past behind, (in a good way). reset and am moving forwards with bounce! I will not hesitate to return should the need arise. Wish I had found Jeremy years ago.

Thank You


Michelle Cook on 17/06/2022

"Jeremy The Green Man, has helped my 14 yr old son beyond expectation not only on a physical level but also emotionally and spiritually too! Over the course of just less than a year (it is a commitment), Jeremy has successfully treated Ed for asthma, food allergies and skin rashes. Alongside his tinctures he prescribes Bach flower remedies all personally tailored to each individual's emotional state which has proven to be extremely beneficial for Ed's low self esteem and confidence. I can't recommend Jeremy highly enough (or thank him), he is so very kind, patient, a brilliant listener and intuitive. He is a master of his art and a genuine, caring person who sincerely cares about his clients' health and overall wellbeing."

Agnese Davies on 31/08/2022

I've been suffering with a skin issue called Urticaria. My GP offered to take antihistamine and to wait for 2 years until it goes. I couldn't take the antihistamine as it made me drowsy and after 2 years my issue was exactly the same. So I found Jeremy Griffiths apothecary and he started to treat my skin issue from the roots. as a positive side-effect my migraines subsided and monthly cycle became normal and wasn't painful at all. Treating skin took longer, but it eventually cleared from itchy red rash all over my body to literally nothing of concern. I am so happy with the result as I feel that my body has got rid of lots of toxins and unwanted chemicals due to a personalized herbal remedies Jeremy made for me every month. He is a lovely person, open and genuinely caring. Very good experience. Thank you! "

Kim A on 10/01/2023

"Hi, I was very much in need of help emotionally and physically when I started treatment in Jan 21. It has been a long 2 year journey with many highs and lows. The help and support has really changed my live for the better. I have removed many negative aspects from my life and made others a priority. The coping mechanisms that Jermey gave me have made this task much easier. Taking small steps and using the bank and bear senario are the ones that work for me along with the herbs and rescue remedies.
Life for the main is now good and my various ailments are well under control. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and would recommend you to anyone."

VJS on 07/02/2023

"I started seeing Jeremy in the in 2021.
I was recommended to him by a herbal practitioner student who felt I would benefit.
My main ailment was genital herpes. I have suffered for over 20 years, the lasts 5 years , I was getting outbreaks every 4- 6 weeks. It was awful and I was permanently fatigued and depressed with it . I would say I've had a 90% improvement from seeing Jeremy. I get the odd outbreak maybe 4-6 months apart but very mild . I am thrilled! As he treats the body holistically and not the symptoms as such - he has also managed to resolve other issues such as restless legs, anxiety, headaches and lymph issues.
Cannot recommend him highly enough. I am now technically discharged , however I will go for maintenance and a check in so to speak as feel it's important to stay on track. "

Claire Grant on 22/04/2023

"I came across Jeremy by chance whilst in the area on holiday - although I don't believe in coincidences! We had a lengthy chat about my diagnosis of Hashimoto's and other issues that accompany it. I booked in to see Jeremy 2 weeks later, making the 4 hour journey by car. Yes, I did that because I knew that this was the person I needed to help me with the next stage of my healing process. After a very thorough consultation, I was on my way home with my first lot of herbal tincture and flower remedies. I continued to consult with Jeremy every 4-5 weeks, online after that initial face to face consultation.

I am very pleased to say that I was able to stop taking all my medication and resume a normal way of eating too, as I had been told that I would need to be gluten free and careful of certain food types due to 'my condition'. I feel the healthiest I have felt since before my original diagnosis back in 2007. It does take patience and determination to see through such a treatment but it is entirely worth it for the outcome. Thank you Jeremy for all your support over the last 18 months."

Mandy Falshaw on 02/12/2023

"I first visited Jeremy in the summer of 2023 after becoming down with Covid and suffering a very nasty rash, thinning hair and latterly thyroid nodules (there but un diagnosed until a few month later. I became very disillusioned with the usual hospital/doctors, Covid I received no treatment yet was almost bedridden for 6 weeks and suffered a lasting rash and high fatigue.
Jeremy has a little apocathary in Upton Upon Severn. and I'd been on one of his foraging walks the year before and had become hooked. Jeremy is a trained chef and his knowledge of plants, herbs and how they can be used to treat the body and it's many ailments, is just phenomenal. I wasted no time in booking a consultation.
Once I'd told Jeremy of my issues I didn't just receive a herbal treatment plan, I received a holistic understanding of how these ailments manifest, why they manifest, how the body reacts and produces the symptoms, it was fascinating and made so much sense. The consultation was not rushed and took almost two hours. It was truly fascinating and eye opening. After two months, my fatigue and horrible rash had disappeared, never had so much energy, skin was brighter, I felt amazing, hair was growing well again. it was just amazing.
About a month later I noticed a swelling at the front of my neck, had been there for about 12 months but went up and own, I presumed it was just a swollen gland whenever I w as slightly run down. One day a work colleague commented on it and I looked and needless to say paid a visit to the doctor just to make sure like you do.
The doctors were not sure if it was enlarged thyroid or cancer. I was referred to hospital where a scan was taken and diagnosed with thyroid nodules and was told they didn't think it's malignant but come back if it gets bigger. that was it! No offer of what might be causing the nodules, as my T3/T4 levels were "ok" that w as it.
After doing a great deal of research there are number of things you can do and causes. I am one that likes to find answers and the root cause of this sort of thing, something must be causing it and it was then I thought of Jeremy (The Green Man) and his herbs.
I have never looked back and can honestly say that whilst modern medicine may have it's place, I will always pay a visit to Jeremy first without hesitation.
I cannot recommend Jeremy enough, his holistic approach not just dealing with the symptoms but getting to the root cause is refreshing and yes, the treatment worked, my thyroid nodules are right down, and are continuing to shrink. Jeremy is a lovely guy, a fountain of knowledge and well worth a visit. Recommend 100%."